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Mar 112009

June 2 2010 – Steve Wynn, the casino owner, has filed a lawsuit to sue Joe Francis for slander. Francis had claimed Steve Wynn threatened to kill him. Wynn said he never made such a threat.

March 11 2009 – Steve Wynn divorcing Elaine Wynn for second time (photos)

Steve Wynn married Elaine in 1963 and they divorced in 1986. Steve Wynn re-married Elaine in 1991. In early 2009, Wynn filed for divorce from Elaine.

Steve Wynn has two daughters named Kevyn Wynn and Gillian Wynn. Kevyn Wynn was kidnapped in 1993.Wynn paid her kidnappers $1.45 million ofr her return. The kidnappers were caught when they used the cash to buy a Ferrari car in California. Kevyn Wynn was found safe and unharmed.

Steve Wynn divorcing Elaine Wynn for second time – link with photos.

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