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Jan 142009

Sep 10 2014 – Some people thought Marjorie Bridges Harvey drug dealers could be useful. She was a former Bunny and a hustler who was thought to be connected to drug dealers. Marj’s ex husbands were linked to drug dealers. Don’t think celebrity crack dealers would give better deals.

June 4 2011 – Mary Shackelford Harvey was arrested Friday, June 3, 2011. Steve Harvey asked that Mary be arrested after she missed a court appearance to decide on their son Wynton’s custody arrangements. Mary was supposed to show up in court in Texas on March 10, 2011. Mary lives in Los Angeles and she surrendered herself on Friday, June 3, 2011. After Mary was booked into jail, her bail of $5000 was announced. She paid bail and was released from jail.

Updated Feb 7 2011 – Judge Robert Dry has written a court declaration on what the law knows as the truth.
Mary Harvey was awarded 3 homes in the property settlement for the divorce proceedings. Mary received $40,000 per month through March 1009. Mary also had a one lump sum payment of $1.5 million. Mary sent the son on a plane ride to his dad. Marjorie Bridges wasn’t a party in the original divorce proceedings and wasn’t a cause of the marital split. Judge Dry has ordered Ms Harvey to remove her videos on Steve Harvey, and refrain from talking about the past and future legal proceedings of the case, with the media. In addition, Ms Harvey faces a judgment on whether to charge her for violating a gag order on the divorce.

Updated May 30 2009

Steve Harvey and his girlfriend Marjorie Bridges were engaged in June 2007. Harvey and Bridges have since married. Marjorie Bridges has been married twice before. Bridges had two husbands who were alleged drug dealers. Bridges’ first husband is serving a life sentence while her second husband had his trail in autumn 2007.

Steve Harvey has also been married twice before. Harvey has 3 kids from his first two marriages. Harvey has one son and twin daughters from his earlier two marriages.

Steve Harvey & Marjorie Bridges photo.

Harvey’s ex wife, Mary Lee Harvey, filed a lawsuit against Steve. Mary Lee claimed she was cheated by Harvey’s lawyer, Ricky Anderson. Mary Lee claimed she was duped into a quick divorce in 2005. Mary Lee claimed she was cheated of her rights to alimony, division of communal property and child support. Steve Harvey has not commented on the lawsuit filed by Mary Lee.

Steve Harvey, the actor, left such a bitter taste with his ex-wife that she is ranting on him. Mary Harvey used YouTube as her medium to complain and shame Steve. Mary alleged Steve cheated on her while they were married and neglected some of his children. Mary Harvey claimed she suffered physical abuse and emotional abuse.

Mary Harvey alleged she was cheated in her divorce settlement. She claimed Steve and his lawyer schemed to cheat her out of money, alimony and child support. After being persuaded not to hire her own lawyer, she was convinced to accept a low divorce settlement and child support. Steve is a multi-millionaire, but his child support is only $1000 per month.

Mary said Steve’s present wife, Marjorie, was one of his girlfriends/ mistresses while she and Steve were still married. Essentially, she is saying Steve divorced his wife to marry his mistress.

Steve’s lawyer has released a statement saying that Mary has violated the terms of the divorce settlement by disclosing details. The lawyer said he would be taking legal action against Mary for talking and spreading false statements.

Steve Harvey has also spoken out but he has refrained from addressing Mary’s content. Steve said he was concerned for their young son, who may have known about his mother’s YouTube videos. Steve said he has always taught the son to respect all women, including his mother. So now, Steve would not be dragging dirty linen out in public by addressing the issues brought up by Mary. Steve has contradicted the points discussed by Mary. He said he was famous before she came into his life. That was to dispute her claim that she had a hand in making him famous and wealthy.

 Mary Harvey

Ricky Anderson handled the Nov 2005 divorce. Anderson is being accused of professional negligence, breach of contract and conspiracy to defraud Mary Harvey.

Mary described giving birth to their son. She realized she wasn’t alone in her relationship with Steve. She said Steve’s career started progressing while he was married to her. On their second wedding anniversary, Steve was in Chicago. A delivery man sent a package containing a letter from a woman.

Mary said she helped Steve to become successful. She recounted how they lived in their car, ate in their car, traveled by car because of lack of money and their struggles. Basically Mary said she should be rewarded to share Steve’s wealth because she helped to build up their family, and his career.

Mary said she was totally committed to Steve because she wanted him, her second husband, to be her last husband. Mary said she gave her entire being, her efforts and her all to her marriage. Mary said she had been married to Steve for 16 years before she intercepted a phone call, from Marjorie. Mary said she confronted Marjorie about calling the home and private telephone number.

Marjorie lied about getting the private number from Steve’s assistant, which Mary said was a lie.

SuperMaryHarvey uploaded 3 videos which can be found in youtube.com

Elivra Guzman is Steve Harvey’s publicist.

Feb 19 2009
Steve Harvey & Michael Baisden: Harvey & Baisden’s new radio stations

Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden have moved from Grown Folks 102.5 to R&B station Majik 107.5. Harvey and Baisden were allocated their new radio stations on Mon, Feb 16. The motive for the switch was to cover a larger area. A short report on Harvey and Baisden’s new move is here.

Jan 14 2009
Steve Harvey Morning Show: Harvey Show prank call (video)

There was a call made by “Raymond.” Raymond said he was hiding in a closet and burglars were inside his house. Then he said nobody should call the police because Raymond had too much illegal stuff in the house.

The receiver was led on a wild goose chase on the phone about calling the law and why he should come get Raymond instead of calling in the cops. Then, after about 5 minutes, the caller “Raymond” owed up the prank. The Steve Harvey Morning Show was forgiven for the prank.

Marjorie Bridges Harvey drug dealers was an old story when she was still connected to her ex-husbands. After her divorces, she had a better life style.

Steve Harvey Morning Show prank call video/audio.

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  1. Steve thinks he is on top of the world right now. The works of a mans hand is rendered back to him. Satan is a deceiver, Steve has been deceived. For all you folks singing him praises, sit back and watch!!!

  2. There are always two sides to every divorce. If the mother is not unfit – and no one has stated that she is – why not let Wynton see his mother regularly. This almost happened to me – but luckily my Father got on board has money and was able to out lawyer my-ex. People can change their ways. But if Steve and Majorie are using
    the Lords good name to play games with peoples lives — they will get what they deserve. Like I said there are two sides to every divorce and what is done in the dark will always come to the light.

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