Stephanie Miller gay lesbian girlfriend: Stephanie Miller updates (photos)

Stephanie Miller came out of her closet to say she is a gay lesbian woman. Miller is a gay lesbian and she has a gay lesbian girlfriend.

Stephanie Miller is a radio talk show host, who holds liberal views and she’s a comedienne too. It wasn’t a surprise that Stephanie Miller came out as a gay. Miller’s liberal views had long placed her under the gay radar, or “gaydar”.

Miller has been a lesbian for 15 years. Miller’s family and close friends knew about her sexual orientation but kept quiet about her secret.

After Stephanie Miller outed herself as a lesbian, she received calls of support from her fans. One of them was Chely Wright, the singer. Wright herself chose to come out of the closet this year.

Miller tried to explain her stance. She said she had relationships with men and women but preferred to be with a woman more than a man. Miller thought the sexual orientation of a person is determined at birth and is not a choice for the individual. A child supposedly grows up to be a heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual because of pre-determination in the genes.

May 4 2010 -
Contessa Brewer & Stephanie Miller: Contessa Brewer in Stephanie Miller Radio Show (photos)

The Stephanie Miller Radio Show is on KTLK-AM 1150, Los Angeles, which airs from 10 am to 12 noon, had a guest, Contessa Brewer. Brewer talked about the latest political event on the Stephanie Miller Show on Tuesday, May 4.

Miller and Brewer discussed about the Times Square car bomb. Contessa Miller said she wanted to know what made Faisal Shahzad tick. What happened to Faisal Shahzad to make him go off the deep end and attack his adopted homeland? Was Shahzad isolated? Did Shahzad lack community ties to bind him to American soil?

Contessa Miller said she wasn’t expecting a Pakistani American to be the suspect behind the Times Square car bomb. Miller wasn’t prepared to stereotype cast people from non-white ethnic backgrounds but she said the suspect has brought up the issue.

Apart from politics, Stephanie Miller does humor and spices her discussions with some comedy to lighten the subject.

Stephanie Miller.

Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller.

Stephanie Miller

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