St James Davis, LaDonna Davis & Chimp Moe: Chimp Moe attacked Davis (photos)

St James Davis and his wife, LaDonna Davis, adopted a chimpanzee named Moe in 1967. One day, the adult chimp Moe bit the finger of a woman visitor.

Thereafter, Moe was banished to live in an animal sanctuary. When St James and LaDonna Davis visited Moe, St James was attacked by other chimps. St James was horribly disfigured and disabled. Moe disappeared from the sanctuary. The St James Davis misses Moe and LaDonna Davis still desires to see Moe again. Esquire has written the biography of Moe’s life with the Davis couple. You may like to read the entire story at the link below.

St James Davis, LaDonna Davis & Moe the Chimp – photo/story link.

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