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Feb 072009

Sparkle Michelle Reid Rai was killed in 2000 and the case was unsolved. In 2006, clues surfaced that hinted her relationship with her new husband, Rajeeve “Ricky” Rai, now 27, was the motive behind her death.

Sparkle Rai’s father-in-law, Chiman Rai, hired a contract killer because he was against his son’s marriage to a black woman.

Chiman Rai was tried and convicted. Chiman Rai was found guilty of hiring a hit man to kill Sparkle Rai. Rai was sentenced on June 27, 2008, to life in prison.

Analle Rai being raised by her mother’s stepmother, Donna Lowry. Lowry is married to Sparkle’s father, Bennet Reid.

Sparkle Rai photos.

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