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Sep 282009

Spanish Prime Minister’s daughters photo show Alba Zapatero, 13, and Laura Zapatero, 16. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the Spanish Prime Minister, and his wife, evidently thought nothing of letting their daughters dress in somber black dresses for a formal state function with Barack Obama. Michelle Obama and Barack Obama, Mr and Mrs Zapatero and their daughters posed for an innocent picture which has been ridiculed by the media.

The Spanish Prime Minister’s daughters, Alba Zapatero and Laura Zapatero wore medieval near ankle length black dresses. Alba wore a pair of matching black bracelets/ wrist bands. Laura and Alba wore black boots.

Even Mrs Zapatero wore a black dress. Mr Zapatero wore a black suit with a light colored shirt and dark colored tie. Maybe the Zapatero family thought black was a good color for a formal civil dress attire.

Mr Zapatero married his wife, Sonsoles Espinosa on Jan 27, 1990. The couple’s daughters were born in 1993 and 1995. Laura, 16, is the elder while Alba, 13, is the younger Zapatero daughter.

One of the richest and most powerful families in Spain adopts the Goth look for a formal state visit photo.

Obama & Zapatero family

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  2 Responses to “Spanish Prime Minister s daughters: Alba Zapatero & Laura Zapatero (photo)”

  1. La gente que insulta a otras personas por su forma de vestir o sus gustos no son más que ignorantes ególatras e intolerantes reprimidos. Además, en esa foto salen muy guapas.
    No cambieis ni os dejeis orientar por un atajo de “invidentes” que no quieren ver.
    Lo importante es ser íntegro con uno mismo, no dejarse mangonear por la opinión de los demás y aprovechar lo mucho que nos ofrece la existencia.
    Un saludo.

    Translated from Spanish:

    People who insult others for their dress or their preferences are just ignorant and bigoted egomaniacs repressed. Moreover, this very pretty picture out. Do not change or let you guide by a bunch of “blind” not want to see. The important thing is to have integrity with yourself, not to be bossed around by the opinions of others and how much to take gives us life. A greeting.

  2. “Maybe the Zapatero family thought black was a good color for a formal civil dress attire.”

    Why wouldn’t they?

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