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Feb 022010

Snooki, aka Nicole Polizzi, denied she took or posed for nude pictures and no naked photos existed. Some people have been making the rounds at media outlets, shopping to sell nude images of who they claimed was Snooki.

Snooki, or a fake Snooki lookalike, could be seen in pictures completely in the buff. One pose was showing a sexy stance that suggested bestiality.

Snooki wants us to believe in her. Let’s assume Photoshop or Adobe was done.

Updated July 13 2011 – Gorilla Beach by Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Snooki has been commissioned to write her second book, which is titled, Gorilla Beach. Its about Giovanna ‘Gia’ Spumanti and her cousin Isabella ‘Bella’ Rizzoli. This is the sequel of her first book, A Shore Thing.

Updated April 25 2011 – April 22 2011 – Snooki went on a diet, eating salads and chicken. Snooki said she gained weight by consuming alcoholic drinks so she has gone on a weight reducing diet. Snooki wants to look slim for Jersey Shore, season 4.

Updated March 15 2011 – Snooki & WWE
Snooki wore a tight black outfit but wasted its allure by donning a leopard print jacket over it. Snooki was dressed like a leopard ready to fight on WWE Monday Night Raw. Snooki was the host on March 14, 2011, but she also participated in a short bout with Michelle McCool, the WWE Diva for the night. Was it staged?

Snooki will continue her appearance in the wrestling scene as she readily accepted the challenge to be part of the action in a 6-person, tag team, at Wrestlemania XXVII. The tag teams fight in two groups of 3 persons in each team. Snooki is with John Morrison and Trish Stratus. The opposing team will have Dolph Ziggler, Layla and Michelle McCool.

The event will be held on Sunday, April 3, 2011. The venue will be at the Georgia Dome, in Atlanta.

Angelina Pivarnick is angry that Snooki wrestling arena. Angelina said Snooki was jealous of her idea and tried to outshine her in the same field as she has stepped into. Angelina called Snooki “a fat troll” who has followed her to steal her limelight and thunder.

Snooki on March 14 2011 WWE Monday Night Raw video:

Snooki & Ne-Yo:
Ne-Yo said he felt slighted after he saw Snooki published on the cover of Rolling Stone. Ne-Yo suggested it could be time for him to quit music if a non-musician could take precedence over the music makers.

Snooki read about his comment and has responded with a statement of her own. She said she deserved to be on the cover of the Rolling Stone, because she is a nice person, if not anything else. Snooki rubbed some salt into the wound by reminding Ne-Yo that his career wasn’t exactly flying high presently, and yet he has antagonized his one remaining fan. Snooki said she was hurt and has deleted all his songs from her ipod.

Ne-Yo apologized somewhat by saying he didn’t disrespect Snooki personally as he had never met her before. He said he thought Rolling Stone should focus on music and feature people from the music industry.

Updated Oct 22 2010 –
Jionni LaValle is Snooki’s latest boyfriend. LaValle has met Snooki’s father and she informed her fans that her “boo” was bonding with her dad. Recently, Snooki and LaValle were at 4sixty6 in West Orange, NJ. The resident DJ, Rob Cali, was celebrating his birthday there.

Jionni LaValle & Snooki

Jionni LaValle & Snooki

Updated Feb 12 2010 – It appears Snooki lied or the photos lied. The naked woman in the pictures looks like Snooki and the background is the same as Snooki’s bedroom, where she tweets from.

Snooki’s birthday suit photo link.

The second Snooki photo showed her in a black lingerie set. Snooki was trying to show her ample behind here.


Sep 12 2010:

Jenni “J-WOWW” Farley and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola had a fight but Snooki has maintained her peace in the cast. Snooki has clarified that she wasn’t dating Jeff Miranda nay longer, despite his attempts at suggesting they were a couple.

Snooki and the Jersey Shore cast are such big reality TV stars that they are allocated hairdressers to glam up their hair before the cameras roll.

Snooki has her fair share of real life bloopers. Around September 11, she was in Newark when she tweeted about being stuck in traffic. That was a mistake as the NJ Mayor himself, Cory Booker, warned her against driving and tweeting! Dweeting is against the law in NJ and the mayor jokingly wrote that the city needed the money from a ticket fine.

Snooki was spared a criminal charge but her judge lectured her for being drunk in a public place. Snooki received a sentence of 2 days of community service work, plus a fine of $533. The judge called Snooki a “wannabe Lindsay Lohan”.

Dina Lohan didn’t like her daughter being taken as a frame of reference in a court.

Snooki didn’t like being compared to Lohan either. While she drank, Snooki was quick to point out that she never drove while under the influence of alcohol.

July 30 2010 –
Snooki was arrested on Fri, July 30, in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. Snooki’s arrest was filmed for the reality TV show, Jersey Shore. Was Snooki’s arrest a deliberate PR stunt?

Snooki was arrested for public drunkenness, or disorderly conduct.

J-WOWW, Vinny and Deena went down to the police station to support Snooki. She has been freed on the same day she was arrested. She cooled off her heels in jail and was released.

Mar 18 2010 – Nicole Snooki Polizzi & Michael Truncali: Snooki Polizzi & Truncali alcohol death

Snooki, aka Nicole Polizzi, was charged in 2004, for selling alcohol to a minor and caused the death of Michael Truncali.

Michael Truncali, a senior from Marlboro High School, died in a fatal car accident after drinking at the Polizzi home. Truncali had a blood alcohol of .18 when his Mazda crashed on Oct 31, 2004.

Snooki’s mum, Helen Polizzi, was at home when the teens drank booze.

Investigators discovered Snooki charged for the alcohol consumed at her home. Nicole Polizzi was slapped with one count of Prohibited Sale of Alcoholic Beverages.

Feb 19 2010 – Snooki new hair style with Snooki blond highlights
Snooki has a new hair style. Snooki had her hairdresser put in light colored highlights in her mane. Thick, luscious highlights contrasted with Nicole Polizzi’s hair.

Feb 7 2010 – Snooki Nicole Polizzi new boyfriend:

Snooki, aka Nicole Polizzi, has a new boyfriend, Emilio Antonio. Snooki said her boyfriend will escort her and be her date at the Super Bowl in Miami.

Snooki gave Emilio Antonio a big thumbs up by saying he was handsome and sexy. According to Snooki, they are a picture perfect sexy couple.

Emilio Antonio works at a gym. Does she mean he is a gym instructor or personal trainer? Snooki said he is a body builder so expect to see a hard body that rocks. Snooki called Emilio Antonio a typical guido with a good personality.

Snooki, aka Nicole Polizzi.

Snooki, aka Nicole Polizzi, was born in Santiago, Chile. Snooki’s ancestry is from Chile. She was adopted at birth by a pair of Italian parents, and raised in America as Italian-American. Growing up as a teen, Snooki was a cheerleader at school and felt pressurized to diet. Later, she overcame her weight issues.

When Snooki appeared on the reality TV show Jersey Shore, she became one of the most popular female cast members. Snooki has tried to adjust to her fame, having been plucked from an ordinary job as a receptionist back home in New York.

When she told her sorrowful tale of how she lost her day job because her boss wouldn’t allow her to take leave for the premiere of Jersey Shore, she won tons of sympathy. Slowly but steadily, Snooki was offered money to make guest appearances at events, to endorse products, to host parties, or just to be present at functions. Snooki commanded a higher pay for season two of Jersey Shore.

There was an attempt to dethrone Snooki as the uncrowned queen of Jersey Shore when her topless and nude photos were leaked online. Initially Snooki denied she had posed for naked pictures. Later, Snooki’s nude picture scandal slowly died down of its own.

Snooki was asked if she had ever made sex tapes with any of her boyfriends. She denied having possession of any sex tape. So far, this holds true of Snooki.

Updated Aug 2011 – Snooki claims she does not know that her name has been enroled for Dancing with the Stars 2012. Pauly D said he texted Snooki, to congratulate her, but she denied having knowledge of it. A source said Snooki may be holding out for more money. Another point of concern is the pratice and filming schedules. Snooki is worried about the DWTS practice sessions and when it actually starts in 2012.

Anne Hathaway said she admires Snooki. She thinks Snooki is her twin, as she shares many similar traits with her. Snooki is never one to be rude when it bcomes to returning compliments. She said she loves Anne Hathaway too.

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