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Jul 212009

Skip WatersSkip Waters, a veteran TV meteorologist, has been sued for an inappropriate relationship. Skip Waters and his TV station boss of WCTI-TV were named in the lawsuit filed by John Lero. John Lero claimed Skip Waters invited him to his home in 2004 when he was 16.

Lero claimed Waters rented porn tapes, bought alcohol and marijuana for them to consume before having sex. Lero said Waters gave him a spare key to his home and they had unprotected sex. John Lero’s lawsuit said that in 2006, Waters told Craven County Law Enforcement that Lero had kidnapped and raped him. Lero was arrested and jailed. Two weeks later, the charges were dropped.

Skip Waters recentIn 2008, WCTI-TV was allegedly given notice of Skip Waters’ alleged sexual conduct and drug use. Lero claimed WCTI-TV employed Skip Waters as a community liaison and did nothing to stop the intimate relationship after witnessing it. WCTI-TV said the lawsuit was a private one. In North Carolina, the age of consent for sex is 16. By the time John R Lero had filed his lawsuit, he was 21 years old. He was asking for $120,000 for emotional distress and other damages.

Waters and Lero had two different stories to tell. One thing was certain – that their relationship had soured.

Updated – Skip Waters and his TV station, the WCTI-TV, are free from trouble. John Lero’s lawyer dropped the lawsuit in June 22 2010. The chief meteorologist Mr Waters denied Lero’s claim that he bought the man drugs when he was of age to consent at 16 years old. Waters also denied he showed Lero porn and had intimate relations with him. The New Bern TV station tried to have its company removed from the lawsuit. After the case was dismissed, none of the parties commented to explain why it was dropped.

What does a meteorologist do> What did Skip Waters do?
Skip Waters worked for WCTI-TV since 1982. He had been a loyal staff for almost 32 years. What was the nature of his work? He studied the atmosphere to do weather forecasting. The temperature, air pressure, water vapor are variables that influence the weather. Spatial scales are used to discover how local, regional and global factors influence the weather and climate. It may look easy when a meteorologist presents his findings on the map. However, it takes homework, research and training to be able to process the data into information that the layman understands. Meteorology is a sub-discipline of atmospheric science. Besides weather forecasts, the information can also be used in the military, energy, agriculture, construction and transport industries.

Updated – Tuesday night, Oct 28, 2014 – Skip Waters has died tonight. Mr Waters passed away from natural causes. Skip was 61 when he died. The WCTI TV station stuck with him during the controversial filing of the sex scandal lawsuit. The VP and GM issued a statement to announce the death of Skip Waters, RIP.

“Skip Waters arrested” never happened or was not written about. Skip Waters scandal of association with a young, gay lover was quickly swept under the carpet. Skip Waters did not say he was gay. In fact, he denied he had sexual relations with John R Lero. What did Skip Waters die from? Its confidential and the only fact we read is that he died of natural causes. Very little is known about the private life of Skip Waters. He preferred to maintain a very low profile in his personal life. If it was not for John R Lero, no one would have heard about the accusation that Skip Waters could be gay. Even then, the lawsuit was dismissed. The reasons were unknown as the matter was settled privately.

Skip Waters

Skip Waters, 1953 – 2014.

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  1. To Skip’s family and friends my thoughts and prayers are with you. He was loved by many and will be missed by more. May he rest in peace.

  2. So sorry to hear the death if Skip Water this morning. He will be missed !!! God Bless!!!

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