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Jan 012012

Jan 2012 – Etta James has been discharged from hospital. She was taken off the respirator which had helped her breathe since her respiratory problems started. Her personal physician said Ms Etta James has a form of fatal leukemia. Ms James’ life may have been prolonged with good medical care. Or nothing else could be done for her, excecpt to go home and rest.

Sick celebrity sportsman 2012 – Ryan Clark,m a footballer with the Pittsburgh Steelers, can’t play in Denver. Ryan Clark has sickle cell anemia, which can be made worse, at a higher altitude above sea level. Ryan Clark won’t be going to Denver because of this.

Ill celebrity radio personality 2012 – Jan 4: Nick Cannon was hospitalized for “mild kidney failure”. Mariah Carey wrote a tweet sharing awful news that her husband, Nick Cannon, was sick. Carey shared a picture of Cannon lying in a hospital bed and she was together with him on his narrow bed. Cannon allegedly suffered pain, as with any kidney illness.

Celebrity musician ill 2012 – Keith Richards is recovering from laser eye surgery.

Celebrities in rehab 2012 – Anna Malova, an ex Miss Russia 1998 and top 10 finalists in Miss Universe 1998, is in rehab. Malova was jailed for faking prescriptions to buy painkillers. The judge handling her case told her she’s getting her last chance to undergo rehab, instead of facing jail. If Malova fails to complete the 18 months rehabilitation program, she could face charges for forging prescriptions ofr a drug.

Celeb illness 2012 – Tony Lommi, the guitarist in the band Black Sabbath, is sick. Tony Lommi has lymphoma, a type of cancer.

Celeb sportswoman sick 2012 – Sarah Burke a champion skier in the X Games, is sill. Burke is in a coma after crashing on the slopes.

Burke hit and injured her head at the same placeKevin Pearce was injured previously.

Celebrity actor injured 2012 – Gene Hackman, the actor, is injured. Hackman was struck by a vehicle on the road. He was sent to hospital.

Politician illness 2012 – John Edwards has a heart condition that requires surgery in Feb 2012. Edwards’ doctor told the judge that his patient needed to be operated on in a serious, life threatening condition. The judge has delayed the trial to allow Edwards to get his surgery and treatment.

Celeb actress ill 2012 – Heather Locklear is ill in hospital. A source contemplated if the actress had taken alcohol and prescriptiuon medication together accidentally.

Celebrity chef sick 2012 – Paula Deen, the chef, is ill with diabetes. It is inevitable that Paula Deen, a chef working with so much food, becomes ill with the disease that strikes people eating rich food. Fortunately, diabetes is treatable with medication. Ms Deen has Type 2 diabetes. Its ironic that Ms Deen, who used to promote oil and fat recipes, should be hit with a blood sugar related illness herself.

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