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Aug 272008

November 22 – Shilpa Shetty wore a red traditional sari. Shetty was splendid in her emerald and diamond jewelry. Shetty and Raj Kundra had an exclusive wedding ceremony in Khandala, which is a hill resort, situated very near Mumbai.

Raj Kundra wore a deep red colored sherwani that was heavily embroidered in gold. Kundra wore a traditional turban and carried a ceremonial sword, whose shield was encrusted with precious stones. Kundra was sent to the venue in a horse drawn chariot.

Shetty and Kundra’s elaborate wedding celebrations started on Saturday and ended on Sunday night.

Shilpa said her new professional name would be Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Shetty said they would be living in both London and Mumbai and splitting their time in the two cities.

Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra marriage – wedding photo link.

November 21 – Shilpa Shetty will marry Raj Kundra on November 22, 2009. Shetty’s wedding ceremony will be witnessed by her family members but without the large group of friends.

There are special exceptions like Jermaine Jackson. Jackson and Shetty share a special friendship as he supported her during her difficulties. Shane Warne, the team captain for IPL, may also be attending Shetty’s wedding ceremony. Warne is another special friend of Shetty’s.

Shetty has invited her friends from her acting circle to her wedding reception in Mumbai. Shetty’s wedding reception will be in Mumbai on November 24.

Updated October 25 – Shilpa Shetty engagement was done on Saturday, October 24. Shetty is engaged to Raj Kundra. Shetty and Kundra had an engagement ceremony at his apartment in Juhu, Mumbai. Close friends and relatives of Kundra and Shetty attended the engagement ceremony.

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra will get married in December 2009. Kundra and Shetty will hold a wedding in Mumbai and a wedding reception in London.

Updated on March 29:

Shilpa Shetty will be marrying her boyfriend, Raj Kundra, in October 2009. Shetty and Kundra will get married in India. They will make a formal announcement later.

Shetty and Kundra dated for the past 2 years and they have a home in Weybridge, Surrey. Kundra and Shetty’s mansion is luxurious at £5 million. Shetty,33 and Kundra, 34, make a good looking couple. Kundra helped to manage his girlfriend’s career and business interests.

Shilpa Shetty & Raj Kundra -photo link.

Old post on Aug 27, 2008:

Shilpa Shetty is engaged to Raj Kundra. Shilpa Shetty met him 1 year ago.

Shetty said she could not get married sooner than 18 more months because she had her work commitments to fulfill. Shilpa Shetty has a 2 minute appearance in Quantum Of Solace. Bigg Boss, the Indian version of UK’s Big Brother, has Shilpa Shetty as the host. Shetty was asked about Jade Goody, who returned to the UK without completing her part in Bigg Boss. Shetty said she would request for prayers because power lies in prayers.

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