Shigeo Tokuda pornographic film actor photos/ news: Shigeo Tokuda photos

Shigeo Tokuda is 74. Shigeo Tokuda is a porn star. He recovered from a heart attack 3 years ago. Shigeo Tokuda is healthy now. Shigeo Tokuda has a wife and daughter. Shigeo Tokuda lives in Tokyo. Shigeo Tokuda’s part time work is being a porn actor.

Shigeo Tokuda pornographic film picture/photograph

Shigeo Tokuda pornographic film picture/photograph

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Shigeo Tokuda is not his real name. Shigeo Tokuda does not wish his wife and daughter to know he acts in porn. Shigeo Tokuda has a double life. Shigeo Tokuda has acted in the past 14 years. Shigeo Tokuda has acted in 35o movies. Shigeo Tokuda is a successful porn star.

Shigeo Tokuda has enjoyed immense popularity and his company pays him to act in at least one sextape per month.

Why is Tokuda popular? He is one of the first and foremost stars in elder porn films. Tokuda appeals to older audiences who want to believe that age is not an impediment to one’s sex life. Older men identify with Tokuda and see themselves in him.

Japan has a high population of elderly citizens. Japan is also one of the countries who has a high consumption of pornographic films.

Tokuda said that one day, the filming company faxed over the entire script of a new porn movie to his home in Toyko. His dauyghter was shocked to learn that her retired father was a porn actor. Tokuda said his wife wasn’t shocked to learn he was acting in porn movies. Mrs Tokuda only reminded her husband to take care of his health and not to work too hard.

Mr Tokuda said he was talent spotted by a scout for the porn film maker. Tokuda was 60 at that time. One day, while he was looking through the adult section of a DVD store, he was approached by a movie maker. He was told that his face suited the kind of role the movies required. A porn star was born.

Tokuda said older male actors attracted female fans about a third of the age. It wasn’t the same for older female actresses. Hence, while the older male actor may remain popular, the same cannot be said for the older female actress.

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Shigeo Tokuda

Shigeo Tokuda

Shigeo Tokuda

Shigeo Tokuda

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