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Apr 202009

Aug 19 2010 – William Levy allegedly had sex with a minor and gave her a venereal disease? Its tough to believe that Levy had intimacy with her. William Levy, an actor, was sued in a sexual harassment lawsuit. A woman/ teen, possibly a minor, claimed Levy brought her to his hotel room. She accused Levy of forcing her to perform oral sex on him. After the incident, she claimed she was infected with a venereal disease.

Karla Alvarez, 17, alleged William Levy forced her to service him via oral copulation, in a hotel room, in Glendale, California. Alvarez said it happened on July 19, 2010.

Karla Alvarez said Levy ejaculated in her mouth. Her mother was in the same hotel room. Karla wants everyone to believe that two women were powerless to defend themselves or escape from the hotel room.

Alvarez claimed Levy verbally abused her mother and physically attacked her.

Levy’s PR person said Alvarez had defamed the actor with her claims.

William Levy has counter-sued the woman. Levy claimed she tried to extort him of almost $1 million. Levy’s lawyers are Steven A Lerman & Associates. Levy and his lawyers claimed the woman tried to blackmail him with false accusations.

Levy acknowledged he was alone in a hotel room with the young woman but he denied any wrong doing. Levy said he didn’t force the woman to be with him in the room, didn’t strangle her, and didn’t force her to perform oral copulation.

Levy wants to sue the woman for $10 million, for damages. That’s a lot of money and the woman most likely would have trouble paying up.

William Levy background:
William Levy is a respectable soap drama TV actor. Levy has an icon status in Spanish language TV shows.

William Gutierrez Levy was born in Cuba but he emigrated to the US when his stepfather obtained political asylum. Will Levy was a good baseball player in high school and obtained a scholarship to study business administration. Levy quit school to concentrate on a modeling career.

Levy gradually made the crossover into acting and met Elizabeth Gutierrez, an actress. Gutierrez, a Mexican American, had a relationship with Levy. They had two children together. Their son is named Christopher Alexander.

As Levy became popular, he was offered TV roles in shows that were produced in Mexico. Levy moved to Mexico, while Gutierrez visited and traveled between Mexico and Miami.

Gutierrez had a daughter, fathered by Levy, who was born on March 8, 2010. By the time the baby girl was born, Levy had allegedly broken up with Gutierrez.

William’s mother, Barbara, is a manicurist who works in Miami. Williams sends money to his mother and has asked her to retire. She reportedly told him she is unable to retire because she is so used to working.

William Levy in a TV wedding for a show. (Not real)

William Levy in a TV show

William Levy

William Levy

William Levy with long hair.

William Levy

William Levy with long hair.

William Levy

William Levy’s mother, Barbara.

William Levy's mother Barbara.

April 20 2009 – Shawn Levy & Paul Newman: Levy wrote new Newman biography (photos)
Shawn Levy has written a new biography on Paul Newman. Levy claimed Newman was a womanizer and alcoholic. Levy claimed Newman wore a bottle opener around his neck for convenience as he drank beer and scotch like a fish.

Shawn Levy claimed Paul Newman (photos at link) was seen drinking on film sets, at the office, parties, interviews, and at home. Levy claimed Newman had an affair with a journalist for one and a half year. If true, this would destroy the myth of the perfect marriage of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Newman died of cancer last year.

Updated July 18 2011 –
William Levy, starred in Jennifer Lopez’s music video, I’m Into You. Levy faces a lawsuit for sexual battery, battery from offensive touching, false imprisonment and related claims. The lawsuit stems from an incident last year, on July 19, 2010.

Levy said he was not responsible for causing the split between J Lo and Marc Anthony. Levy did not comment on his personal divorce from his wife, after he finished starring in I’m Into You.

Levy allegedly invited a female minor to a hotel room in Hilton Hotel in Glendale. The alleged victim claimed Levy tricked her by promising to sign an autograph for her, then forcibly touched her when they were talking. The female claimed Levy foirced her to pleasurize him, and he strangled her neck in the process. The lawsuit bclaimed Levy wet her with jizz and thereby passed a sex disease to her. She sought treatment at the Concentra Medical Center. The teen is seeking $2.5 million in damages.

Levy claimed the teen misled him into thinking she wa s19 years old in 2010, at the time of the incident. Levy, 30, said the teen consented to the sexual acts. Levy wants a jury trial in the lawsuit case. He claimed the teen tried to extort $950,000 from him, in exchange for her silence. Levy has countersued her for defamation of character and extortion.

Levy said that the local authorities had investigated her complaint and said there was insufficient grounds to proceed with a criminal case.

Levy lives in Miami and the minor lives in South California. The case will be heard in a federal court.

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