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Oct 252008

Sharee Miller, of Michigan, was convicted of killing her husband in 1999. Sharee Miller allegedly influenced Jerry L. Cassaday to kill her husband, Bruce Miller. When Jerry L. Cassaday discovered that Sharee Miller had lied to him, he committed suicide but not before he wrote a note to name Sharee Miller’s role in Bruce Miller’s death.

Sharee Miller, 2000.

Sharee Miller, 2000.

Sharee Miller, 2008

Current photo of Sharee Miller.

Sharee Miller was tried and convicted to life in prison. A new judge, Judge Victoria A. Roberts, said in a 23-page opinion that Genesee Circuit Judge Judith A. Fullerton erred in allowing the admission of a suicide note written by Jerry L. Cassaday. The note was tainted evidence. Jerry L Cassaday was dead and could not be cross-examined. The note could not be shown to the jurors as evidence. This means that Sharee Miller will get a new trial.

New fourth husband for Sharee Miller; story.

Sharee Miller gets a new trial. This news first came out in Aug. 29 2008 here.

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  3 Responses to “Sharee Miller: Sharee Miller gets new trial”

  1. Hope fully this little “putana diablo” gets put away for a long time.This girl is just plain scary, and if she is released a new trail will start. At some point her so so good looks are going to run out, and then the vaginal support system known as Sharee miller will become invisible. Please understand I have the up most respect for a lot of women but this Sharee gives the rest of you wenches a bad name Thanks for reading Art Del

  2. Isn’t that the truth. I feel if the lower courts are allowed to change federal laws to convict someone we are all in trouble. People need to see that even the smallest lie from the detectives, prosecutor, or even the judge allowing things in that should not be let in can destroy lives. The laws were put in place so we would have fair and just trials. When the very people that are suppose to protect us are breaking the laws to convict people, what does that tell us?

  3. It is about time. I casnot believe that any judge would have let the suicide note as evidence. Maybe the defense should have put the suicde note on the stand and began asking it question to get the point across

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