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Nov 222008

Shannon Tweed spent 28 years with Gene Simmons before they finally got married. Tweed wore $2.5 million worth of diamonds during her wedding party.

Updated June 13 2011 – Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed’s non-marriage union suffered a heavy blow when they showed tensions on “Today” with Kathie Lee Giffords. Why did Simmons and Tweed consent to appear on “Today” together if they had strains between them? Tweed and Simmons appear compelled to as they had to promote the upcoming season premiere of their reality TV show.

Did Simmons and Tweed use “Today” to shamne one another or to air their grievances in the hopes that one would bend to the other’s demands? Giffords and Hoda Kotb were not marriage counselors or family therapists although they tried to get to the bottom of the acrimony.

Simmons and Tweed should not have agreed to film their reality TV show. Some celebrity couples have broken up after their private lives were invaded for the sake of a reality TV show. Tweed said the new season of “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” has the scoop on the nature of their dytnamic relationship. Tweed was darkly pessimistic on the direction their realtionship was headed. If they were married, she would describe their realtionship as being on the rocks.

Tweed had unhappiness over claims that Simmons was unfaithful during their long relationship. There was a photo where Simmons was shown to be surrounded by women. He claimed he did not know the women in the picture. Tweed appeared to be stubbornly refusing to believe his denial.

In December 2010, Simmons did an interview whereby he said he had shared intimacy with around 5000 women. Simmons said he had the photographic evidence. Simmons said he took Polaroid pictures of the women holding the keys to his hotel room.

Is Polaroid still making the instant camera films for normal shots? They are making mint with instant photography for passport picture sized kind of film but not for normal postcard sized pictures.

Simmons told his host on the “Woody & The Wake-Up Call” show, on WCOL, on Dec 20, 2010, Simmons said he had met around 5000 women during his long career touring with his band KISS. Simmons has been with KISS for 37 years and one can imagine how long the stretch of time was.

May 12 2011 – Sophie Simmons, 18, was squashed in a car wreck in Los Angeles on Thur, May 12, 2011. Sophie’s car was smashed in a 4 car pile up when a vehicle behind in the same lane rammed into her stationary car in the traffic jam. Sophie was sent to hospital for medical examinations. Better to be safe than sorry. Sophie’s car, a Dodge Charger, was totally wrecked. Sophie was lucky she didn’t suffer serious injuries despite the condition of the tin box she was sitting in. Maybe she would be shopping for a new ride soon.

Gene Simmons’ lawsuit against Victoria Jackson, a makeup artist, was dismissed in court. Simmons had filed the lawsuit seeking $185,000 in damages as a pre-emptive strike against Jackson’s lawsuit. Jackson’s lawsuit against Simmons claimed he sexually assaulted her. Her lawsuit still stands. Jackson claimed Simmons sexually assaulted her inside the grounds of ESPN Sports Center, when he made an appearance there. Jackson said Simmons grinded his groin into her and she felt sexually violated.

Gene Simmons threw in his two cents worth of opinion on the upcoming 2012 Presidential Elections. Simmons said Obama would win in 2012.

Updated May 31 2009 – Shannon Tweed posed for Playboy (photo at link) in November, 1981. Shannon Tweed was born on March 10.

Nov 22 2008
Sophie Simmons: Sophie Simmons in Gene Simmons Family Jewels

Sophie Simmons, the daughter of Gene Simmons, had her birthday on July 7. Sophie Simmons was born in 1992 and she turned Sweet 16 in the year 2008. Gene Simmons Family Jewels has filmed Sophie’s Sweet 16 birthday party.It will be included in Gene Simmons Family Jewels season premiere in March 2009.

Gene Simmons was actually born as Chaim Witz in August 1949. Simmons is an Israeli American by birth.

Sep 4 2008
Gene Simmons sued

Allan Brown sued Gene Simmons and two business partners. Allan Brown claimed the group cut him out of a deal between Gene Simmons and the Indy Racing League.

Allan Brown wants unspecified damages and compensation for fraud and slander. Allan Brown claimed that he brokered the deal between Gene Simmons and Indy Racing League but he was cheated out of the contract when he went away on a personal holiday. Allan Brown alleged that Gene Simmons and his business partners slandered him by telling Indy racing League officials that he was lazy and rich. 2006 was the year that Gene Simmons promoted IndyCar racing. Simmons wrote “I Am INDY” in honor of the Indy Racing League.

Jul 21 2008
Sophie Simmons.

Sophie Simmons and Nick Simmons are children of Gene and Shannon Simmons. Nick Simmons has his own video with his Dad Gene, where they talk about Gene’s hair here.

L- R: Nick Simmons, Sophie Simmons, Gene Simmons, Shannon Tweed

L- R: Nick Simmons, Sophie Simmons, Gene Simmons, Shannon Simmons

Shannon Tweed Playboy photo.

Shannon Tweed picture.

Gene Simmons family.

Shannon Lee Tweed was born on March 10, 1957. Tweed was from Canada but lives in the US now. Tweed began her career in showbiz as a Canadian actress and model. Tweed once specialized in the erotc thriller genre of acting.

Shannon Tweed’s hometown was in St John’s, in Newfoundland and Labrador. Her parents owned a mink ranch in Whitbourne. Tweed has 6 siblings.

Shannon Tweed grew up liking beauty pageants. Tweed participated in Miss Ottawa Pageant and won third place, as a runner up. Shannon Tweed had also once won the Miss Canada talent competition. Tweed’s talent was in singing and she preformed a song to showcase her talent.

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