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Feb 062009

Updated August 16 2009 – Schapelle Corby has suffered a mental and emotional meltdown or breakdown while in prison. Corby scaled the water tower near her cell block. Prison officers persuaded Corby to climb down for safety reasons.

Mercedes Corby, Schapelle’s sister, has visited her in the Kerobokan Jail. Mercedes said Schapelle was suffering and languishing in prison.

Rosleigh Rose, Schapelle’s mother, has also visited her daughter in Kerobokan Jail.

Schapelle Corby spent one and a half weeks in hospital to recuperate for her mental health.

Indonesian authorities have encouraged Corby by applying for a 4 month reduction from her original 20 year sentence. This is an incentive for good behavior and an act of grace from the country who is celebrating her Independence Day on August 17.

Corby had earlier received 7 months reduction off her jail sentence. If the Indonesian Justice Ministry approves of this year’s slashing of her sentence, Corby wold have a total of 11 months cut off from her original sentence.

Approximately, the ratio is almost 1 year shaved off for every two years of imprisonment. If it continues at this pace, Corby could be freed in less than 20 years. Corby could walk away in another 10 years’ time.
April 15, 2009.

Schapelle Corby has earned up to $3 million from her book on her story. The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions has seized $128,0000. There is some confusion over the amount of money Corby was allowed to keep. Some reports said Schapelle Corby would be allowed to keep $270K or $280K.

Feb.6, 2009.

Schapelle Corby is serving a 20 year sentence for alleged smuggling of 4 kg of cannabis into Indonesia. Corby is only 4 years into the 20 year sentence. Corby was arrested in 2004 and has been detained since then. Vanessa Lea and Road Train wrote and performed a song, “Be Brave”, for Schapelle Corby.

Sept 3, 2008.

Schapelle Corby,who is presently serving her 20 year sentence in Bali, Indonesia, has a small reason to rejoice on Indonesia’s Independence Day.

Schapelle Corby received 3 months’ reduction in her jail sentence. Yon Suharyono, the head of the Kerobokan penitentiary where Schepelle Corby was imprisoned, said that this would be the second time her sentence had been cut. Schapelle Corby had a 3 month cut in 2006. Corby might be freed by April 12, 2024. Shapelle Corby was sentenced for an offence in 2005. Corby was accused of trafficking 4.1 kg (9 pounds) of marijuana to Indonesia. Corby claimed she was innocent as international smugglers had put the illegal drugs in her baggage.

July 1, 2008.

Ganja Queen is the true story of Australian Schapelle Corby, who was accused of being a a drug smuggler when the Bali (Indonesian) police found pounds of pot (ganja) in her surf bag.

Ganja Queen Schapelle Corby,

Schapelle Corby pretended to enbrace Islam to influence the judge and authorities. She wore the Muslim woman’s headscarf. After her release and when she was safely back home, she refuted her earlier claims of friendship with Islam.

Vanessa Lea story & photo.

Vanessa Lea and Road Train’s “Be Brave – video link.

Schapelle Corby MySpace link. Someone is maintaining this site for Corby. It contains many pictures of Corby’s journey in life.

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  1. I have been following her story since this came on HBO, My heart really ache’s for her! I couldnt imagine being locked in a cage! I hope She is releast soon!!! Her mental state is so deterated it’s so devasting!!!! She is not a murder or a child molester that’s how she is being treated! Horriable!!!

  2. I can’t stop thinking about Schapelle Corby. What happened is so wrong and I can’t believe they got away with putting a young, innocent woman in prison. She is innocent and everyone knows that! I think about what if it happened to me? Before seeing her story I dreamed about traveling to Bali and now I will never enter Indonesia because their gov’t is so corrupt.

  3. You can help Schapelle by making donations so her family can purchase decent drinks and food for her. Read about her conditions in that horrible place.
    I cannot believe these people are getting away with keeping her in that nasty prison when they had the nerve to burn all the evidence! Why isn’t Australia standing their ground to get her out of there especially when the events prove she was set up.
    Get her out of there! Offer up prayers for her,
    novenas, etc,.

  4. This whole twisted story sickens me! It’s so obvious that she’s innocent, but 20 years! The system in Indonesia is so disgusting. I love to travel, but this country is on top of my list not to visit, ever! I mean this unfortunate event could happen to any of us or to our loved ones & that’s very scary. 20 years, that’s wayyy more than what some murderers get in other countries. My heart goes out to you Schapelle and to your family. We’re all praying for you and remember that God works in mysterious ways. He always makes the impossible possible to happen. Praying for your safe return to your family soon, back to where you really belong. Judicial system in Indonesia, screw you!!!

  5. Even if she is guilty she has learned her lesson in the first 2 months in jail.

  6. Absolutly devistating for this family.. foreign countries are so unfair in there legal systems. I ant even comprehend it.. So sad

  7. i cannot believe her country has not rallied to free her. this could happen to us and our children. who would smuggled pot when we have plenty of pot in our backyards. come on, lets get her out of there. we as a people should not go there until she is freeeee. i cannot believe we r still traveling there, fuck them

  8. It is so sickening seeing how these people rejoiced over wanting to give her a death sentence , the smiles , the laughs , that country is sick and twisted people around the world send there love her way ..

  9. Thinking of you, and thinking of a way for your release. Just started on a universe of opportunities. Stay focused!!

  10. Schapelle, sorry if i have cause you any pain, i was only trying to get you out, the reporter Mcilveen done a hatchet job on me, so i couldn’t appear for you, reason you will have to ask him why, i hope one day the courts will deal with Workners and Mcilveen’s perjury through the court case to recover the $250,000.oo plus interest they owe me in 2007, i know your innocent, and so does a Judge Delaney in australia, this is out of his judgment para 34. Although it was put to the plaintiff that he had already given Mr Mcilveen the main details of what his story was before he asked for the money, the plaintiff did not agree. In this regard it is clear from the evidence of both Ms Wockner and Mr Mcilveen that they were aware of the substance of his claims that he was the person who was supposed to collect the drugs at sydney Airport and that more likely than not they were the drugs that ended up in Schapelle corby’s luggage, now i feel that the Judicial system and Nationwide News they have prevented the course of justice, as to the para 34. in transcripts 871/0 page 69 line 55 to p 70 line 15, the judge asked Mcilveen Q.the first time you spoke to Miller, he mentioned $250,000.oo did he not. A. I believe so yes, thats my recollection, so how did i give Mcilveen any information before then, but the Judge’s that i have been infront of are ever stupid or using the brotherhood to cover for this Judge Delaney and the whole NSW and Federal judicial system in Australia is doing the same, I don’t know why your legal team hasn’t appealed on the grounds of that the court hasn’t proved you knew what was in the bag, to be guilty of possession you must know what was in the bag, and by not finding you guilty of importing how can you be guilty of possession, get solicitor Ross to start appeal for you, again sorry, wish you well, i only wanted to get you out of there, cause i know your innocent.

  11. Shapelle should b home in Australia ! She has done enough time ! Just a thought , doesn’t luggage get weighed when you leave a country ! 4 1/2 kilos ! Alot of weight , a lot of inconsistansy! Good luck shapelle , my thoughts are still with you

  12. Im very sad about schapelle, she is innocent. Why can’t the judge free her… I wish i can free her. OH!!! PLEASE FREE SCHAPELLE!!!

  13. I’ve watched the movie too and then I google it,for my surprise she is still in jail.All that people is sick I mean they can not respect her family or herself.She was about to die without any consistent prove and they was there killing her with their eyes and posters and how convinient the fact that they did not have the investigation further like it should be.I know that there is a problem about the difference of thinking but you know what we are humans and we definitely can think.Never travel to Indonesia never take that airport ever.And all of this because marijuana,4.2 kilos of marijuana is not worth a life worth.And now she’s sick and getting crazy.Who wouldn’t?But she is still alive
    she’s still alive!Make a deep investigation to prove that the drugs belongs to her otherwise FREE SCHAPELLE CORBY!SHE’S STILL ALIVE…

  14. After i saw the movie of her story. it took me time to fall asleep. and then i dreamed of me doing all the effort to release her. i wish i could help.

  15. I have watched the movie of her story several times and I can’t believe that she’s still in jail. I am from Canada and her story is the reason I will never travel to any countries like that. She is very brave and I look up to her very much. I hope that she is sent home to Australia very soon. Best of luck to her!

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