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Sep 302010

Updated Oct 1 2010 – Allan Kustok allegedly had an affair with consequences that may have killed Anita Jean Kustok. Unconfirmed sources said Allan Kustok may have been involved in an extra-marital relationship. They said Mr Kustok cheated by having an affair that lasted 5 years. The rumor claimed the infidelity may have caused the fatal shooting.

Zak Kustok and Sarah Kustok did not talk to the press. Their attorney, Peter Rush, who represents the Kustok family but not Allan Kustok, released a statement. Rush said Sarah and Zak believed their father to be innocent of the crime the state has accused him of.

Allan Kustok’s bail has been set at $2 million. Kustok has other bail conditions like surrendering his ID, weapons and passport.

Kustok gave Anita Jean a .357 caliber Smith & Wesson with a 9 inch barrel, as his anniversary present. A bullet from this gun entered Anita’s face, on her cheek. The bullet was fired at close range and the victim was at a lower position than the shooter when it was fired. By this information, police said Anita Jean could have have shot herself in her face, as claimed by Allan Kustok.

Allan Kustok had a previous charge to his rap sheet. In 1973, Mr Kustok was charged with aggravated battery in Champaign County.

Oct 1 2010 – Allan Kustok allegedly killed his wife Anita Jean Kustok. Allan J Kustok, 59, was charged with first degree murder of his wife, Anita Jean, in Orlando Park.

Anita Jean’s school principal was shocked as she said her teacher loved her domestic life, her children, and was religious. Ms Kustock was a good person who respected everyone.

Allan J Kustock drove his wife to the hospital, the Palos Community Hospital, in Palos Heights. Mr Kustok said Anita Jean shot herself in her face.

Allan Kustok met Anita Jean at the University of Illinois during 1969 to 1973.

Sep 30 2010 – Sarah Kustok & Zak Kustok mother Anita Kustok died

Anita Kustok, 58, mother of Sarah Kustok and Zak Kustok, was killed with a gunshot wound to the head. Anita Kustok was a teacher who died on Wednesday, Sep 29, 2010.

Anita Kustok, a teacher at Central Elementary School in Riverside, Chicago, died in Palos Community Hospital. Police are investigating her death as a murder.

Sarah Kustok was a basketball player at DePaul. Sarah was an accomplished athletic who became a sports reporter. Sarah Kustok is presently a reporter with Comcast SportsNet.

Zak Kustok is an ex football player who played for Northwestern. After Zak left Northwestern University, he played football for the NFL for a short time.

Sarah Kustok

Sarah Kustok

Zak Kustok

Zak Kustok

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