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Sep 142008

Sarah Jo PenderSarah Jo Pender and her boyfriend, Richard Hull, were sentenced to prison for killing their room mates by shooting them. The bodies were dumped inside an Indianapolis dumpster in 2000. Pender and Hull were caught and sentenced in 2002.

Pender received 110 years while Hull got 75 years. In Aug. 2008, Pender busted out of Rockville Correctional Facility. Scott A. Spitler, a Rockville Correctional Facility Officer, was arrested. Spitler was charged with assisting a criminal, official misconduct, sexual misconduct and trafficking with an inmate. Spitler was accused of driving Pender out of prison using his IDOC van. Jamie Long, an ex-inmate and friend of Pender, was waiting some distance outside the prison and received Pender. Spitler did not count on himself getting into trouble. The authorities soon discovered his crimes.

Sarah Jo Pender is on the US Marshalls’ Most Wanted list of criminals. US Marshals have offered a $24,000 reward for information about Sarah Jo Pender. She is ‘armed and dangerous’ and civilians should not try to apprehend her themselves.

Updated on Dec. 21.

Sarah Jo Pender arrested.

Sarah Jo Pender has been found and arrested. Police received an anonymous tip on Sarah Pender and arrested her on Saturday. Sarah Pender was captured in Chicago on Sat., Dec. 20. Sarah Jo Pender is held at Cook County Jail, in Chicago.

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  1. On October 25, 2000, about three o’clock in the morning, Ed Leggon saw two large people, one larger than the other, covering the bed of a pickup truck parked out in front of the home at 906 S. Meikle Street in Marion County, Indiana. He couldn’t distinguish at that time either the race or the sex of the individuals. Later, Sarah Pender & Richard Hull, both acknowledged that those individuals were them.

    At 6:00PM that day, Stephen Stultz, an employee of the Teamsters Local Union at 869 South Meridian, discovered the bodies of a male & female in a dumpster at the back of the Union address just a short distance from the Meikle Street address. Those individuals were later identified as Andrew Cataldi and Tricia Nordman, roommates of Hull & Sarah Pender. The male had been shot in the chest and the female in the chest and in the head with a shotgun.

    Descriptions of the victims and photos of their tattoos were shown on TV newscasts. A neighbor to the four individuals, Sarah Pender, Richard Hull, Andrew Cataldi & Tricia Nordman contacted law enforcement and told them she knew who the individuals were that had been killed and also told them Sarah Pender & Richard Hull lived at the address.

    A search warrant was secured by Detective Kenneth Martinez and other law enforcement officers. They searched the 906 S. Meikle address and discovered, among other things, a lot of blood at the scene. DNA analysis later determined the blood belonged to Tricia Nordman, victim in this case. It was appearing as well that there had been an attempt to clean up the blood and conceal evidence of the murders.

    Jana Frederick told police that Richard Hull borrowed a plug adapter around noon on October 25, 2000 to use a carpet shampoo machine to clean the residence at 906 S. Meikle.

    Police found Richard Hull and a Sarah Pender in Noblesville. When Richard Hull was questioned in the early morning of October 27, 2000, he initially denied any knowledge of what happened to Andrew Cataldi and Tricia Nordman. The detectives advised him of some of the evidence against him, including:

    ~ He had borrowed Ronnie Herron’s pickup truck the evening of October 23, 2000;
    ~ Bodies had been moved in that pickup truck;
    ~ DNA analysis of the pickup truck showed in the bed of the pickup truck was the blood of Andrew Cataldi;
    ~ They were aware he & Sarah Pender had gone to a South US 31 Wal-Mart;
    ~ Sarah Pender was driven there by Richard Hull & a twelve-gauge shotgun had been purchased on the morning of October 24, 2000, just hours before Andrew Cataldi and Tricia Nordman were shot with a shotgun;
    ~ Richard Hull was observed by the clerk, who had handled the sale of the shotgun, obtaining ammunition & bringing it to the counter;
    ~ That it was paid for by Ms. Pender;
    ~ Both Andrew Cataldi & Tricia Nordman were shot with a shotgun;
    ~ The ammunition was twelve-gauge deer slugs;
    ~ Ms. Nordman was shot twice with a twelve-gauge deer slug.

    Richard Hull told law enforcement officers the morning of October 27, 2000, that his sister, Tabitha, owed Andrew Cataldi money. That he and Andrew got into an argument that night. Cataldi knew he had the Mossberg shotgun that had just been purchased. Cataldi went in Hull’s room to try to grab the shotgun. They got in a struggle and Hull told detectives, “He said he was going to kill my f-ing family” and that argument occurred just moments before the shooting actually took place in the house.

    On October 28, 2000, Sarah Pender, when giving their full statement to law enforcement, turned over to them a pair of black pants belonging to Hull. Those pants were tested for DNA which established the blood of Andrew Cataldi and Tricia Nordman on those pants.


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