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Mar 112010

Sarah Jessica Parker is a fashion icon but she sometimes has wardrobe malfunctions or shown weird taste in attire. Like the time Parker hosted an award show wearing a transparent and translucent gown. Parker showed her underwear and under boobs. Its common to see the cleavage from the top so Parker decided to give it a new twist by showing her underboobs.

Sarah Jessica Parker under boobs.

Sarah Jessica Parker under boobs

Ms Parker has been sly in other instances, like her famous yoga pose.

Sarah Jessica Parker sexy pose

Sarah Jessica Parker wardrobe malfunction photos:
Sarah Jessica Parker wittingly or unknowingly had a wardrobe malfunction when she omitted wearing her bra.

Sarah Jessica Parker wardrobe malfunction

March 11 2010:

There had always been rumors about the state of marriage between Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick went to the Oscars separately, used separate dressing rooms and left individually.

April 8 2010:

Sarah Jessica Parker’s production company, “Pretty Matches”, is producing “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist”. This reality TV show has 14 artists competing to receive a solo show at the Brooklyn Museum and $100,000 cash.

Judges include art critic Jerry Saltz, Half Gallery owner Bill Powers and art adviser Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn. “Work Of Art” has a mentor to help the artists. Simon de Pury, an auctioneer, will be offering his opinions to the aspiring contestants.

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