Sandy Linter & Gia Carangi (photos)

Sandy Linter was a makeup artist who assisted models to get ready for photography. Sandy Linter worked with Gia Marie Carangi and Carangi fell for her. Linter and Carangi dated. It was reported that Carangi and Linter did not have a stable relationship as Gia had a volatile personality.

Sandy Linter said Carangi pursued her with flowers. Carangi was never one to take no for an answer. If she could get your attention, she would end up getting what she desired from you. Linter and Carangi dated but it was not smooth sailing for the women.

Gia Carangi had several relationships with women but her most outstanding one was with Sandy Linter. In 2003, a documentary was produced about “The Self Destruction Of Gia”. Carangi’s family, Carangi’s fashion photographers and Sandy Linter were featured in the film.

Gia Carangi was probably bisexual. Carangi had relationships with men and women but it was thought that her primary orientation was towards women.

When Carangi was 13 years old, her mother discovered she wrote letters to girls in school. Carangi was viewed as an open lesbian although not generally thought of as one if you didn’t know her. That was because Carangi did not look like a typical lesbian.

Sandy Linter:
Sandy Linter has been a makeup artist for more than 3 decades. She is based in New York. Linter has a signature style which is unique. She would seize up her client and apply makeup to flatter the face. Linter is quick and decisive in her application. The client does not need to sit still for a long time to wait for her face to be done. Linter works according to the time frame allowed to her.

Her favorite signature is the smoky eye effect. After she has done her best for the customer’s eyes, she would move to highlight other facial features. For a composite look that never goes wrong, Linter advocates using neutral colors for the rest of the face.

Linter likes to use a foundation powder to blend in for an even skin tone. If the person is going out into the sun during the day, Linter would use a sun block with at least SPF 15

Linter has a few favorite tricks to use to make her makeup last longer. For the eyes, she advises using eye liner, eye pencil and matching eye shadow. This triple reinforcement helps to prevent the eye liner from fading.

Linter would advocate using natural lip colors and avoid the frosted shades.

Gia Carangi.

Gia Carangi

Gia Carangi.

Gia Carangi

Sandy Linter in recent times.

Sandy Linter

Sandy Linter (left) & Gia Carangi.

Sandy Linter (left) & Gia Carangi.

Sandy Linter (left) & Gia Carangi.

Sandy Linter & Gia Carangi

Sandy Linter is a blond with blue eyes.

Sandy Linter

Sandy Linter.

Gia Carangi.

Sandy Linter in her younger days.

Sandy Linter original drawing picture

Sandy Linter recently.

Sandy Linter original picture drawing

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