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Jun 162010

Update on Lisette Lee Feb 4 2011 – Lisette Lee, 29, who once claimed she was connected to the famous Lee family of Korea, pleaded guilty to her drug charges. Frank S Edwards, 40, of Hacienda, California, has also pleaded guilty to the same drug charges.

Updated June 17 2010 – Samsung’s spokesperson said Lisette Lee does not belong to their Lee family.

However, Lisette’s friend in the movie industry said Lisette’s mother is Lee Kun-hee’s sister. Lisette’s father is related to Akio Morita, the founder of the Sony group. The source said he believed Lisette had lived in Beverly Park.

It’s a case of Samsung said, versus Lisette Lee’s friend said.

Meanwhile, Lisette sits in jail. If she is convicted on charges, she faces a maximum of 40 years in prison and a fine of $2 million. Her staff who accompanied her on her fateful plane trip were released but ordered to appear for indictments in the future.

Update – Lisette Lee may not be related to Samsung Electronics’ Lee family, who live in Korea. Lee had a personal bodyguard and two assistants in her plane. She said she is a model and singer who brought the luggage for her boyfriend staying at a horse farm in Ohio.

Lisette Lee was an actress in The Doorman, released in 2008. Lee played a Babay Sugar Mama. In other trivia, Lee once dated Christian Navarro at a charity wine event and gave her name as Lisette Lee Morita. While Lee is a common Korean name, Morita is a Japanese name.

Lisette Lee pleaded not guilty to the charges of possession of 506 pounds of weed.

Lisette Lee once dated Christian Navarro.

Lisette Lee Morita & Christian Navarro

First post –
It takes money to make more money and Lisette Lee knows that. Lisette Lee claims to be from the Lee family who owns Samsung Electronics. Lee may be related to Kun-Hee Lee, the owner and former chairman of SE. The present CEO is Lee Yoon-woo.

The large extended Kun-Hee Lee family own/ run/ or work in multi-billion and multi-million dollar businesses. Lisette Lee may be a daughter of one member of the extended Lee family.

Lisette Lee, 28, was arrested on Mon, June 14, after she flew into Columbus, Ohio. FDEA officers found Lee carried 500 pounds of weed among her 13 pieces of luggage.

Lisette Lee claimed she was unaware the bags contained marijuana. Lee may have been a personal user of weed and cocaine herself as those drugs were found in her personal bag. Mules are often consumers too. Lee’s ledger recorded profits exceeding $300,000.

Lisette Lee could afford to travel on a chartered plane that cost $50,000 on a round trip. Lee told officials she was meeting her boyfriend at Columbus.

Lisette Lee is seeing the inside of a jail holding cell as she is being detained without bond presently.

Lisette Lee.

Lisette Lee

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