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Dec 082008

Samira Shahbandar, Saddam Hussein’s second wife, may have been responsible for his capture, either directly or indirectly. A source wrote that Saddam Hussein’s location was discovered by Mossad agents when they intercepted telephone or cell phone communications between Saddam Hussein and Samira Shahbandar.

The photo of Samira Al-Shahbandar is below.

Samira Al-Shahbandar and Saddam Hussein, when they were younger:

Samira Al-Shahbandar may have been responsible. There was a reward of $25 million offered by the US government for the capture of Saddam Hussein, either dead or alive. Samira Al-Shahbandar lives in Beirut at the time the facts were checked.

HBO has started screening on TV, “House of Saddam”. The 4 hour long mini series premiered on Sunday, Dec. 7. The second half will air on Dec. 14.

Samira Al-Shahbandar supposedly gave birth to one son named Ali but members of the Saddam Hussein family claimed Ali is actually a grandson.

House of Saddam

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  1. that is not true.. she is his daughter rana.. haha

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