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Jan 082010

Ahmad Rashad married Sale Johnson, the ex wife of Woody Johnson.

Ahmad Rashad background.

Rashad was born on Nov 19, 1949. Rashad was active in the NFL from 1972 to 1982. Rashad’s original name is Robert Earl Moore. Moore was born in Portland, Oregon. Rashad graduated from his high school in Tacoma, Washington. Rashad took a football scholarship from the University of Oregon.

Why did Moore change his name to Ahmad Rashad? He converted to become a Muslim. Rashad became a sportscaster after he retired from professional football.

Ahmad Rashad’s marriages:

Rashad married Deidre Waters in 1969. They had 2 kids.
Rashad married Matilda Johnson in 1976 and divorced her in 1979. They had 2 children.
Rashad married Phylicia Ayers-Allen. They had 1 daughter and divorced in 2001.
Rashad married Sale Johnson in 2007.

Ahmad Rashad

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