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Mar 302009

Scott Overbeck may have been involved in the disappearance of Sabrina Aisenberg (photo below) in 1997. Sabrina Aisenberg, 5 months old, disappeared from her crib in her parents’ home in Florida. Scott Overbeck had been in prison when he told his cell mate, Dennis Byron, that he disposed of Sabrina Aisenberg’s body.

Byron’s lawyer said his client was asked to secretly record his conversations with Overbeck. Byron was supposed to get a reduction in his jail sentence for cooperating.

Byron alleged he heard Overbeck telling him he chopped up the remains of Sabrina Aisenberg and rigged crab traps with pieces. Overbeck was supposedly acting on instruction from an acquaintance of Aisenberg.

On some sites, it was alleged Marlene Aisenberg asked Overbeck to do it for her. The claim is not confirmed. Overbeck had also allegedly implied someone in Barry Cohen’s office may have been involved in Sabrina Aisenberg’s disappearance. Officials had hinted that some claims may not be reliable but they would investigate all leads. In July 2008, investigators said Barry Cohen was not a suspect, target or person of interest in the case of Sabrina Aisenberg’s disappearance.

Marlene Aisenberg and Steve Aisenberg were initially suspects but they were cleared. The Aisenbergs have relocated to Maryland.

Scott Overbeck has been in and out of prison in the previous 20 years. Overbeck was released after he spoke to Byron. But he has committed another crime and will be going back to prison.

July 28, 2008 latest news on Sabrina Aisenberg & Scott Overbeck case.

In October 2008, Scott Overbeck, 44, pleaded guilty to possession of an explosive device. Overbeck kept a homemade bomb in his bedroom. The device was detonated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

For this charge, Scott Overbeck was convicted and sentenced to 37 months in a federal prison.

Sabrina Aisenberg story on Oprah.

Sabrina Aisenberg photo.

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  6 Responses to “Sabrina Aisenberg & Scott Overbeck: Was Overbeck involved in Aisenberg?”

  1. ERIC SAID……BAM, Please review your facts before you draw conclusions based solely on your experience. As a Police Detective with 22 years of experience, I did some checking of my own…….

    That’s all we needed to hear to explain his reaction here, you guys stick together even when obvious facts point to your wrongdoing….

  2. Eric,
    You might have done some checking, but you didn’t do it thoroughly. The charges against the Aisenberg’s were dropped and the case dismissed because those “damning recorded conversations” were complete INAUDIBLE. That article you referenced was written before the court case actually happened, which was almost ten years ago!!! There’s an episode of 48 Hours in which you hear some excerpts of the tapes. You should watch that and then see what you think…

  3. BAM, Please review your facts before you draw conclusions based solely on your experience. As a Police Detective with 22 years of experience, I did some checking of my own after watching their appearance on Oprah. It seems the Police know exactly what became of baby Sabrina and who are involved. Please read the article entitled, “Where are you baby Sabrina?”, by Bill Kelly. I find it incomprehensible that Oprah routinely puts people like this on her show and only presents half the story. Funny they never mentioned the damning recorded conversations between the parents that the govt obtained and links between the family and Scott Overbeck, the man suspected of disposing of the body. Please read on atthe following link: http://www.cybersleuths.com/features/features1099.html

  4. I just saw the Aisenbergs’ on Oprah and I don’t think they are responsible. I specialize in body language/communication and it’s obvious these parents are telling the truth. I’m very surprised the media or the police department didn’t mention that the obductor could have been someone the Aisenbergs’ knew personally. Evidence shows that the dog didn’t bark, the garage door was open and there was no trace of anything broken. The person who took Sabrina knew the family dog, knew they could enter the house through the garage and knew which room to enter. If the Aisenbergs’ don’t know the obductor personally they where definitely accquaintances.

  5. Perhaps Marlene had post pardum depression and did something accidentally that caused sabrinas death. It seems obvious that something was not right such as the state of their home i.e. Marlenes emotional state at that time.

  6. The poor little girl. God bless her heart!

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