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Jan 182009

Rustom Padilla, 43, is a Filipino actor. Padilla is the eldest child of his siblings, consisting of Robin Padilla, Rommel Padilla and Royette Padilla. Rustom spent 3 months in the US, studying modeling.

Padilla returned to the Philippines and changed his name to Bebe Gandanghari, short for Binibining Gandanghari. Padilla wanted to change everything that reminded the Filipinos about Rustam Padilla. Bebe Gandanghari revealed he was a gay on Mar 2, 2006. Bebe Gandanghari was in “Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition” when he disclosed he was a gay. Bebe Gandanghari has played gay roles on the big screen and small screen.

Rustom Padilla “Gay” photo.

Rustom Padilla wiki.

Rustom Padilla photo.

Rustom Padilla‘s video.

Rustom Padilla came in drag. Video.

Rustom’s admission that he is gay. Video.

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