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Sep 102011

July 4 2014 – Russell Neal, 40, allegedly stabbed his wife Catherine Brasilia Martinez, 24. Neal is a member of the 1990s band Hi-Five. Martinez was a fitness model, with two young sons. Police found her dead body in the couple’s apartment in Houston, Texas. Neal surrendered in a police station Wednesday, July 2, 2014. Martinez appeared to have died from several injuries from stabbing and blunt force trauma. Neal initially told police he killed his wife Catherine Neal (Ms Martinez) and wanted to speak to a lawyer. He then refused to talk further.

Other news about people named Martinez:

Pedro Martinez arrested for alleged underaged sex & pregnancy
Pedro Martinez, 27, of Lake Placid, was arrested of having sex with a girl, 13, and getting her pregnant. Pedro Valladares Martinez was charged with lewd and lascivious acts on a victim who is between 12 and 16 years old. Martinez has been jailed, pending a $50,000 bond. The girl’s family tried to get a marriage license for her and Martinez. Law officers were notified by the Highlands County Courthouse staff. Martinez learned it was not acceptable to have sex with a minor, even if you want to marry her.

Sonia Martinez sues Arsenio Hall: Sonia Martinez & Arsenio Hall lawsuit
Sonia Martinez has sued Arsenio Hall for overtime wages and other perceived injustices. Martinez used to work for Hall, as his assistant and housekeeper, from 1998 to September 2009. Sonia Martinez claimed she was fired after she suffered an injury. Martinez was absent from work due to her injury and when she returned to Hall’s residence, she was told she was dismissed. Sonia Martinez wants to sue Arsenio Hall for her overtime wages, which she claimed she failed to get. Martinez also wants compensation for her lack of meal breaks. That’s almost 11 years of missed meal breaks she was allegedly denied.
Sonia Martinez has endured until she filed her lawsuit, and she wants to be compensated for all her pains.

Luis Martinez: Missing Florida toddler Luis Martinez found
A missing Florida toddler has been found. Luis Martinez, 2 years old, was the missing Florida toddler. Martinez, missing since Friday afternoon 3:30 pm, has been found. Sadly, Martinez was discovered dead at the bottom of a septic tank that was not covered. The cover was missing and some grass had grown over the hole. The medical examiner has to certify that the body of the child positively belongs to Luis Martinez. The Florida toddler went missing from a neighbor’s house on Friday. Condolences and prayers to the Martinez family.

DMX Eric Martinez MMA: DMX vs Eric Martinez in MMA
DMX will fight Eric Martinez in the Alabama Pride MMA. DMX, the rapper, will be squared against Eric Martinez in the Celebrity Fight section of the event. The MMA event has been slated to happen in December. Some people will be squeezed for Christmas money if they are to buy tickets for the MMA too. Who is Eric Martinez? He is a wannabe actor who looks like a tough fighter. DMX has been training and dieting to prepare himself for the MMA fight.

Searching for Claire Tourand, Ivan, Jakelyne, Megan, Tyson Mata-Martinez (photos)
Claire Tourand, 34, is on the run. Tourand was supposed to attend a meeting with social service officers in Las Vegas but she failed to show up. Tourand was scheduled to discuss the custody of her children during the meeting. A judge has issued a warrant of arrest for Claire Tourand. Tourand is a suspect in the abduction of her 4 children. A family court judge has ordered the return of the four children. The judge said the kids may face harm and it is their best interest to take custody of the children. Police have issued an amber alert in Nevada, California and Arizona. They are looking for the children; Ivan Mata-Martinez, Jakelyne Mata-Martinez, Megan Mata-Martinez and Tyson Mata-Martinez. The kids are between 4 to 9 years old.

Ivan Mata-Martinez, Jakelyne Mata-Martinez, Megan Mata-Martinez and Tyson Mata-Martinez – photo link.

Claire Tourand photo.

Sep. 10 2011
Susana Martinez: Susana Martinez grandparents were illegal immigrants
Susana Martinez, the Governor of New Mexico, has been placed under the microscope. Martinez said her grandparents emigrated to the US illegally. She used to say that she was unsure about her grandparents’ immigration status because her grandfather left his son, her father, when he was very young. However, newspapers have dug up a 1930 report saying her paternal grandfather was an alien, in not having legal immigration status and not being a naturalized US citizen.

Martinez does not support the notion of giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, despite the fact that her paternal grandfather was an illegal immigrant. Back in February, she had an idea to privatize Spaceport America. he thought Americans have paid tax payer money for the national space program and the time is ripe for the citizens to share in the space exploration.

Martinez had been a strong fighter against illegal immigrants. Who knew her family had illegal immigrants! She wants to implement a law to make it compulsory for law enforcement officers to ask about the immigration status of criminal suspects. Since Martinez is a Republican, the Democrats are grouping together to oppose her motion.

Since taking office in Nov 2010, Martinez has been making waves with a series of suggestions. Another controversial idea was to confiscate the cars/ vehicles of drunk drivers who are repeat offenders. In other ideas, she strives to endear herself to her fellow New Mexicans. She asked citizens to write in with ideas on how to reduce spending.

Raymond DeLeon Martinez: Martinez’s third death sentence
Raymond DeLeon Martinez has been sentenced to death for the third time. Martinez was accused of killing Herman Chavis. Martinez allegedly robbed and killed Chavis, the owner of a tavern in Houston, Texas. Martinez’s lawyer tried to get a plea bargain for life in prison but he was unsuccessful. Martinez was convicted twice for the murder of Chavis but the convictions were overturned.

Aleyris Martinez: Martinez died sledding
Aleyris Martinez, 13, of West Haverstraw, died in an accident. Martinez was sledding down a hill at Philip J Rotella Golf Course in Haverstraw, NY. Martinez and her friend were seated inside an inflatable tube. They slammed into a tree. Martinez suffered a heart attack. Paramedics treated her at the site and she was sent to hospital but doctors could not save Martinez. Aleyris Matinez’s friend was injured with face and head injuries.

Marcelino de Jesus Martinez: Martinez arrested for selling daughter
Marcelino de Jesus Martinez , 36, of Greenfield, Calif., allegedly sold his daughter, 14. Martinez had arranged to sell or trade his daughter for $16,000, 100 cases of beer and some cases of meat. Martinez complained to police he was cheated as he failed to receive the payment. Martinez was arrested on Sunday, Jan. 11. Police have arrested Martinez on suspicion of having committed human trafficking. A teen, Margarito de Jesus Galindo was arrested on suspicion of statutory rape. Martinez’s daughter is only 14 and under California’s legal age of consent. Ms Martinez is banned from marrying legally.
Police have noted that arranged marriages with underaged girls are a problem in the Central Coast farming community of Greenfield, in California.

Marvalyn Foster: Foster sued Darren Martinez for horse teeth (video)
Marvalyn Foster sued Darren Martinez, a dentist from Stamford. Foster asked Dr. Martinez to give her a permanent bridge to replace a false tooth. Foster wanted a “big, beautiful, Hollywood celebrity smile.”
Foster meant to replace a tooth to match the rest of her teeth and make it look nice. Dr. Martinez extracted 3 teeth and made a large bridge. Martinez’s idea of a big smile was to make large teeth. Foster described the new teeth as looking like horse teeth. The court’s jury, of Bridgeport, Conn. took 2 hours before returning their verdict on Monday, Dec. 22. Foster was awarded $198K for damages.
This video shows what horse teeth look like.
James Martinez lawsuit against Tim McGraw
James Martinez claimed that Tim McGraw stole his song because Tim McGraw used a song title that was similar in nature to his song title.

Maria José Martínez Patino: woman with Y chromosome
Maria José Martínez Patino was a Spanish Hurdler who was tested positive for the Y chromosome in the 1980s. She was pardoned and and granted right to participate in 1988. Now, in 2008, Beijing Olympics demands that all women athletes take the gender test. The nude test… Before chromosome testing became available, women athletes were asked to parade naked for visual checking. Ewa Klobukowska, in 1967, was banned from taking part in sprinting because she failed her chromosome test. In 1966, Ewa Klobukowska had undergone the naked test and passed. So, she looked like a woman but internally, she had the gene of a man.

Annette Martinez sex crime on minor
Annette Martinez is a baby sitter. Annette Martinez fell in love with her charge, aged 14, a minor. Annette Martinez was babysitting the 14 year old boy and his two other siblings. Annette Martinez had sex with him about 40 times before she was caught. Annette Martinez was charged with one count of sexual penetration of a minor. Annette Martinez’s charge is a fourth degree felony. Annette Martinez was charged by the Las Cruces police. One day, the boy quarreled with his mother. He went to Annette Martinez’s home. When the mother approached her, Annette Martinez finally told her the truth. Annette Martinez is held by police on a bond of $5000.

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