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Apr 082009

Celebrity split Feb 22 2011 – Rosie O’Donnell and her girlfriend, Tracy Kachtick Anders have broken up their romantic relationship.

Anders and her children have moved out from O’Donnell’s house and they are living on their own in a separate house.

October 21 – Rosie O’Donnell didn’t know her spouse, Kelli Carpenter, had a Facebook page. O’Donnell wrote on her blog that a marriage had difficulties. O’Donnell was interpreted as hinting about the status of her own marriage with Carpenter. O’Donnell has been married to Carpenter for 5 years.

O’Donnell has denied that she was splitting with Carpenter. She wrote that she was working on her issues. O’Donnell assured that everyone was fine and that they would raise their children together.

Where is Kelli Carpenter now that everything is fine with O’Donnell? Carpenter was rumoured to have moved into a condominium in Manhattan. Carpenter took the couple’s youngest child, a daughter named Vivienne, 6, with her.

That leaves O’Donnell with the couple’s other children; Parker Jaren (born May 25, 1995), Chelsea Belle (born September 20, 1997), and Blake Christopher (born December 5, 1999).

Who is to blame for the alleged issues? Some gossip sources claimed O’Donnell had mood swings. They are blaming her.

Kellie Carpenter, Rosie O’Donnell’s wife, is rumored to be in trouble. O’Donnell is allegedly jealous over Carpenter’s kiss with Julia Murney. The National Enquirer reported it believed O’Donnell had a reaction when she learned about the kiss.

Carpenter supposedly denied any sparks of romance between Julia Murney and herself.

O’Donnell, Carpenter and Murney have been friends for some time. O’Donnell suspected her wife, Kellie Carpenter,of forging a close bond with Murney.

This became serious enough for Julia Murney’s representative to address the issue. The spokesperson said Murney is not gay and hinted that was enough to deny the romance rumor on Kellie Carpenter.

Rosie O’Donnell’s rep has denied this story on herself, Carpenter and Murney.

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