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Dec 052009

Tiffany Livingston, 21, Playboy model, tried to open her airplane’s door in midflight. Livingston was flying on JetBlue Flight 522 on Thursday, Sep 9. Livingston was traveling from Orlando, in Florida, to Newark, in New Jersey.

A source who knew Livingston, her former modeling agency director, Kathleen Longsderff, said the model suffers from anxiety and may not have taken her medication. Apparently, Livingston had anxiety issues before this incident. Somehow, Livingston has handled her problem and had never shown such distress.

Livingston used to work with Longsderff, of New England Models Group. Livingston started modeling in 2008 and has been globetrotting for her assignments.

Tiffany Livingston is from Merrimac, Rhode Island. When JetBlue Flight 522 landed, Livingston was held in federal custody.

Playboy model Tiffany Livingston

Playboy model Tiffany Livingston

Dec 5 2009 – Ron Livingston & Lee Dennison: Ron Livingston no relationship with Lee Dennison

Ron Livingston is not in a gay relationship. Livingston said an anonymous editor of his Wikipedia page kept editing its contents.

Livingston said the editor was unapproved and claimed Livingston was in a gay relationship with Lee Dennison, a man. Livingston has denied this allegation. Livingston alleged it was almost like being stalked since his Wikipedia page was constantly being edited to mention his fake relationship with Lee Dennison.

Ron Livingston claimed this person has also sabotaged his reputation by creating fake Facebook profiles for Ron Livingston and Lee Dennison. Both Livingston and Dennison profiles claimed the men were in a relationship with each other.

Livingston has filed a lawsuit for libel, invasion of privacy, and unlawful use of his name and likeness without permission. Livingston sued for unspecified damages.

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