Richard McCroskey Syko Sam sentenced: Syko Sam McCroskey (photos)

Richard Sam McCroskey has been sentenced to life in prison for two capital murders and two first degree murders. The aspiring rapper nicknamed Syko Sam used to write lyrics about rape, mutilation and murder. McCroskey agreed to plead guilty to the reduced charges after a plea deal. The original charges of four capital murders would have sent McCroskey to his death if he got convicted. Prince Edward County Circuit Court’s judge sentenced McCroskey.

McCroskey was convicted of killing his girlfriend Emma Niederbrock, 16.
Other victims were Emma’s father, a Presbyterian minister named Mark Niederbrock.
Emma’s mother, Longwood University professor Debra Kelley,
Emma’s friend, Melanie Wells, 18, of Inwood, West Virginia.

McCroskey killed Emma, Debra and Melanie on September 15, 2009, in Debra Kelley’s Farmville home near her campus. Farmville is 50 miles west of Richmond. Mark Niederbrock visited the house about 1 and 1/2 days later to check on the women and he was killed too.

The murder weapon was a maul.

McCroskey’s trial was in Richmond, Virginia. He was from Castro Valley, California but flew to Virginia to visit Emma Niederbrock. Her mother drove McCroskey, Emma, and Melanie Wells to a South Gate music festival concert in Michigan on September 12, 2009. Richard Alden Samuel McCroskey III’s murders were also called the Farmville Murders, named after the town.

McCroskey and Emma Niiederbrock shared an interest in horrorcore music that had lyrics about violence and death, set to hip hop beats.

McCroskey published his own music at his MySpace account.

Emma Niederbrock, murdered girlfriend of Richard McCroskey.

Emma Niederbrock

Richard Sam McCroskey

Richard McCroskey

Richard Sam McCroskey

Richard Sam McCroskey

Sam McCroskey

Sam McCroskey

Richard McCroskey

Richard McCroskey

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