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May 222009

Richard “Dick” Parsons, chairman of Citigroup, has a love child. Parsons, 61, and MacDella Cooper, 32, had a baby daughter Ella in August 2008. Cooper is a model and philanthropist. Parsons has promised to provide for his new daughter.

Cooper’s work includes the MacDella Cooper Foundation, founded in 2004. The MacDella Cooper Foundation aims to help orphans and abandoned children in Liberia. Cooper’s native country is Liberia. It was through her charitable work that Dick Parsons became involved with her.

Richard Parsons is still married to Laura Ann Bush. In August 2009, they would have been married for 31 years. The couple’s three children are Gregory, Leslie and Rebecca Parsons.

Richard “Dick” Parsons and MacDella Cooper have refused to talk about their private lives to the press.

Richard “Dick” Parsons and MacDella Cooper photo.

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