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May 122009

Rev Tommy Moya adulterio news is about Moya’s  adultery. Rev Tommy Moya has become the former head of the largest Spanish speaking congregation in Orange County. Moya has quit.

Tommy Moya was allegedly embroiled in a sex scandal. Rev Moya was the pastor of Centro Cristiano Restauracion of Orlando.

Moya had a Spanish language TV show on his website called Tommy Moya International Ministries website. Moya was relieved of his pastoral duties from May 10. Moya resigned on his own accord. Moya allegedly said he resigned because he committed adultery. Moya said he took public responsibility for his actions.

Tommy Moya (photo at link) still has his organization called the Tommy Moya International Ministries as this group is a separate body from the church called the Centro Cristiano Restauracion of Orlando.

Centro Cristiano Restauracion of Orlando website.
Tommy Moya International Ministries website has been removed.

All Tommy Moya videos in YouTube.

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  11 Responses to “Rev Tommy Moya adulterio: Rev Tommy Moya adulterio (photo)”

  1. It is a shame that the only reason that Tomy Moya came out and disclosed his adulterous relationship was because he got caught by the woman’s husband who he was having the affair with. If not he would still be having the affair and preaching in his church. I do have to say that he does know how to speak in front of people. But from what I have seeing him preached and I have seeing him many times at the church I use to go, he is part of the prosperity gospel preacher. The prosperity gospel preacher mixes the Holy Bible with the need to be financially secure in order to be saved. No where in the teachings of Jesus Christ did he ever mentioned prosperity in the financial sense. So yes God may forgive him if he really repented from his heart but if he continues to preach the prosperity gospel he will not go to heaven and he will endanger the souls of many who listen to his preaching. As the Bible states ask the Holy Spirit for decernment on those who are preaching the word of God.

  2. @ musico…1st the way you speak u dont looks like a christian musician or even a christian period, 2nd nobody is talking about musician in this blog..i guess u got a big problem and u need to put that in God’s hands…let it go !!!…mercy and love are the greatest attributes of GOD …

  3. Spanish churches they love to treat musicians like crap….I hat Spanish churches they are so wrong……Tommy Miya is like a god to the Latin people stop looking @ men you bunch of corny Latin people!

  4. El que este libre de pecado que tire la primera, creo que al Dios q le servimos es un Dios de Restauracion y el Pastor Moya, puede perfectamente ser restaurado y seguir predicando para la expansion del reino, despues del proceso viene una mayor conocimiento.
    Dios Bendiga..

    Translated from Spanish –
    He who is without sin cast the first, I think the q God we serve is a God of Restoration and Pastor Moya, may well be restored and continue to preach to the expansion of the kingdom, after the process is more knowledge. God Bless ..

  5. Hey I SIN ALL THE TIME, BUT MY GOD BLOOD COVERS ME. I dont know about your GOD but mine surely GOT MY BACK WHEN I MESS UP !!!

  6. If it was a church musician he will go to hell……but sence he’s a pastor lets forgive him. we don’t get it ?

  7. I don’t know why it happen but I remember he said once that he fear cause the church that grew as fast as ours did have to be very careful with temptation and he didn’t exclude himself that’s what i loved about his sermons I believe that everyone needs a second chance and he is only human. Remeber God died for our sins and okay he sinned but now its time to rise again because he has a gift and thanks to him I found Christ in my life. I will pray for himand his family.

  8. let’s pray 4 him; he’s in god’s hands; he’s not the first one n the last one, tomorrow may be you!!!!

  9. let him without sin cast the first stone.

    the righteous fall and God will lift him up again

    I have no doubt.

    let us pray for our beloved brother and family

  10. I just say: “Do not point too much, cause probably we are having more troubles than him” Everyone have to pay for their errors, and this is a clear example of what we all can go if we fail to God”. Lets look our own eyes…

  11. I work

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