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Reshma Shetty nude top drawingReshma Shetty was born in the UK to Indian parents. Reshma Shetty was born on November 2, 1977. Shetty spent part of her childhood in England before moving to Richmond, Virginia. Shetty graduated in Music Performance from the University of Kentucky.

Reshma Shetty has managed to snare British, American and Indian fans because of her origins. Reshma is of Indian heritage. She was born in England, making her British. She settled in America, thus adding another cultural factor in her lineage.

What did Reshma Shetty study?
Reshma originally studied pre-medicine at the James Madison University. She entered singing contests and was encouraged to consider switching her studies, by her modest success in her voice talents. Reshma changed her major subject to opera performance. She graduated with a BA in Opera Performance. Reshma decided to continue learning music with a Master of Music Performance, when she studied in the University of Kentucky. After her Masters, Reshma did an artiste diploma course in the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Reshma obtained a Diploma in Opera, in 2005.

Reshma Shetty has settled in New York City. She is married to her husband, Deep Katdare, a fellow actor. Reshma met Deep when they acted together in the stage play, Bombay Dreams. Reshma Shetty and Deep Katdare held their wedding on March 19, 2011.

Reshma Shetty currently stars in “Royal Pains”, as Divya Katdare.
Reshma Shetty acts as Divya Katdare, a physician’s assistant. Katdare’s boss is Dr Henry “Hank” Lawson, played by actor Mark Feuerstein. Katdare is the assistant who has to battle opposition from her parents who were against the medical profession. Eventually, they are won over.

Reshma Shetty can also be seen in “Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld”, on Fox News Channel.

Reshma Shetty graces Dove soap as their face for their advertising campaign in India.

Reshma Shetty said she first auditioned for her role of Divya Katdare in the Rockefeller Center, in New York. After a fortnight, Shetty learned she had advanced to the next stage in the audition process. She received an invitation to fly across to the west coast for another audition. Shetty went to Los Angeles for her screen test.

Shetty said she may venture into directing should she have an opportunity later on. She said she had privately tried writing but found she lacked the knack for it.

What is the meaning of Reshma?
Reshma is a name with Sanskrit origins. It is used for females. Parents who speak Hindi language understand Reshma means silk. They may name their baby daughter Reshma if they like the connotation of the name and its link to silk. Would you name your baby girl Reshma or Silk? There is at least one airline in the world that uses the name silk. Silk Air, or SilkAir, is the name of an airline owned by Singapore Airlines.

Reshma Shetty kisses

Reshma Shetty kisses

Reshma Shetty
Reshma Shetty

Reshma Shetty

Reshma Shetty

Reshma Shetty

Reshma Shetty

Reshma Shetty sexy

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