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Aug 102009

Updated Aug 11 2009 – Ali Kay’s bikini photo and sexy picture in bed are below.

Ali Kay sent Reggie Miller 2 photos of herself during their 3 month affair. Ali Kay sent pictures of herself in a bathing suit and in bed. Kay exchanged text messages with Miller. Miller’s camp revealed Ali Kay was not totally innocent during the 3 month “pursuit”.

Alex von Fursternberg paid for the airplane flyover with the banner. He may have stretched it when the banner said “married women” as Kay is his fiancee and they are unmarried.

Ali Kay, Alex von Fursternberg – photo link.

Ali Kay’s bikini picture and Ali Kay’s photo in bed – photo link.

Posted Aug 10 2009.

Reggie Miller, Ali Kay and Alex von Fursternberg were involved in a curious triangle of misunderstanding.

Reggie Miller, a former NBA player, was embarrassed publicly by a banner flying in the sky. Someone paid a pilot to fly a plane running a red banner which read, “Reggie Miller stop pursuing married women”. Photos are below. The banner was flown across several beaches along the south coast of California.

Miller was accused of paying attention to his neighbor, Ali Kay. Ms Ali Kay is engaged to Alex, the son of Diane von Furstenburg. Miller allegedly pursued Kay by following her, calling her, and texting her.

Alex von Fursternberg almost filed a restraining order against Reggie Miller. Alex alleged Miller threatened him verbally. However, their lawyers helped to dissolve the tension. Miller apologized to von Fursternberg.

If Miller and von Fursternberg are at peace, then who paid for the banner?

Airplane sign accuses Reggie Miller of pursuing married women * Former NBA player Reggie Miller attends the after party following the premiere of Screen Gems ‘This Christmas’ on November 12, 2007 in Hollywood, California. Premiere Of Screen Gems This Christmas - After Party

Story from Daily Mail etc.

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