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Jul 082009

August 2013 – Raven Symone’s publicity vehicle started to backtrack on her marriage statement. No, Ms Raven Symone isn’t getting married. At least, not for today.

Ms Symone’s sexual orientation has been a topic of speculation for some time now. She has since laid the rumors to rest, by telling she is a lesbian. She used to fight shy on revealing her preferences, hiding behind the privacy clause.

May 2011 – Raven Symone is the star of “The Great State Of Georgia”. Symone has lost weight since her last public appearance. Symone was in the limelight on April 27, 2011. Symone’s makeover showed a brand new look when she appeared at the “Race To Erase MS” function in LA. Symone raveled in the spotlight when she attended the 18th annual event.

Raven Symone did not give birth to a baby. Raven Symone’s rep gave this statement so the post below was a faked source giving fake information. We apologize.

Fake News item below.

July 8 2009
Jussie Smollet & Raven Symone baby girl: Smollet Symone baby daughter (photos)

Raven Symone, an actress, gave birth to her daughter, a lovely baby girl. Symone was with Jussie Smollet when her baby was conceived but they have broken up.Symone named her daughter Lilliana Pearman.

Photos are below.

Raven Symone in April, 2009:

Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach - Day 2

Raven Symone, in Feb 2009.

Bondi Blondes Style Mansion hosted by Katy Perry

Lilliana Pearman.

Lilliana Pearman

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  2. hey raven that is a cutie baby girl your have is nice of you show use the picture of you baby girl

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