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Dec 232008

Rafshan Alimov, 24, an acrobat in Blackpool Tower Circus, was injured in a fall. Alimov fell down 15 feet after he missed a chair held above another acrobat’s head. Alimov, a Russian, was hospitalized in a critical condition on Dec. 22.

Alimov was unconscious after he landed on the ground. The Russian acrobatic troupe waited for the ambulance to take Alimov to hospital. Then, they continued their act.

The last accident at Blackpool Tower Circus was on Dec. 26 in 1994. Neville Campbell, 20, died after landing on his head during the “Wheel of Death” act.

Rafshan Alimov Blackpool Tower Circus acrobat photos & news.

Blackpool Tower Circus finale act video. You can see some acrobats standing on the suspended trapeze inside the circus ring.

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