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Jul 212010

Rachel Wade showed that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Wade’s boyfriend, Joshua Camacho, was simultaneously dating at least two other women, Sarah Ludemann, and Erin Slothower. Wade and Ludemann were aware they were in a complicated love triangle and competed actively for the affections of Camacho.

Wade, 19, and Ludemann, 18, communicated via messages on social networking websites like MySpace.

Ludemann, from Pinellas Park High School, confronted Camacho about his promiscuity, dating a few women simultaneously. Camacho responded by punching her face. He was her first boyfriend and she was in love with him. Ludemann didn’t break up with Camacho despite all that had happened.

There was an incident of alleged road rage. Both Ludemann and Wade told police they were victims and the other woman initiated the road rage. Both Wade and Ludemann accused each other of stalking, harassment and threats.

Joshua Camacho, 21, denied that Wade and Ludemann were his serious girlfriends. Camacho described them as friends with benefits. Camacho, Wade, Ludemann and Slothower were involved with one another in 2008 and the tensions exploded one day on Tuesday, April 14, 2009.

Rachel Wade is accused of stabbing Ludemann on April 14, 2009. Ludemann had driven over to Wade’s home, where she was staying with a friend. Wade approached the vehicle and the women exchanged words.Wade had a kitchen knife and stabbed Ludemann.

Ludemann died after being stabbed through her heart.. The murder weapon was found abandoned on a rooftop. In her defence, Wade alleged Ludemann had been threatening her and she stabbed her in self-defense. But Ludemann was unarmed when she suffered two fatal wounds.

Rachel Wade, 20, is on trial facing second degree murder charges in Florida. Wade asked the judge for permission to wear makeup while attending court sessions. The judge granted her request.

Rachel Wade.

Rachel Wade

Rachel Wade, Joshua Camacho, Sarah Ludemann.

Rachel Wade, Joshua Camacho, Sarah Ludemann

Updated Friday, July 23 2010 –

Rachel Wade was found guilty of second degree murder. Wade cried after her verdict was read. Wade faces sentencing on Sep 3. Wade is looking at 20 years to a maximum of life in prison. The jury of 5 men and one woman convicted Rachel Wade. The decision was met with relief by Sarah Ludemann’s family.

Updated Friday, Sep 3, 2010 –

Rachel Wade was sentenced to 27 years in prison.

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  7 Responses to “Rachel Wade, Joshua Camacho, Sarah Ludemann: Wade Ludemann murder trial (photos/ video)”

  1. Any happpy birthday babygirl ! <3 ):

  2. RIP Sarah, I miss you everyday!

  3. Parents need to teach their children as they grow up that not every relationship ends will end in marriage. You may get used, abused, heartbroken before you find the one but no one and I mean no one is worth killing somebody else over. That girl will grow old in prison whilst her boyfriend continues to sow his wild oats. Terrible shame !

  4. I dont think rachel should of brought the knife to a fist fight. She should of just fought Sarah head up like regular teenage girls. If you get beat up you just get beat up, that will only make you a better fighter. Josh was a wanna b thug ass goofy he should of stopped the girls from fighting instead of letting escalate up to something like this. He knew what he was doing and it pisses me off because he was messing around with 3 girls at the same time. He should of got his ass kicked because if i was sarah daddy i would of got all in that ass. He is the one to blame for all of this and now Rachel sees what kind a man he really was because his bitch ass dont even visit her.

  5. TruthSayer: Sarah came to Rachels but Rachels big mistakes were the voicemails telling Sarah she was going to “murder” her. Most people when aggravated say, “I’m going to kill you and never act on it. Rachel said; “I’m going to murder you Sarah and she did. And by tossing the knife she used on the roof of a neighboring house. Not a good move for someone claiming self-defense. All for a useless wanna-be thug. Josh is a grade A……PUTZ

  6. I dont think the girl should have gotten 27 years! Someone can come to your house and start crap with you? She was protecting herself..That girl shouldnt have driven over there..That goofy lookin guy wasnt worth jail and certainly not worth someone’s life!

  7. Men are scum; not worth fighting over….EVER!!!!

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