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Apr 112010

Aug 10 2010 – Phil Mickelson has arthritis and treatment. Mickelson had bad pain which affected his walking.

April 11 2010 – Phil Mickelson alleged illegitimate child: Phil & Amy Mickelson family (photo)

Phil Mickelson allegedly had a illegitimate child born out of wedlock. Look at the photo of his child and children below. The rumor didn’t say if his illegitimate child was born before his marriage or during. Phil & Amy Mickelson family photo is below.

These internet stories have no confirmations. This is a post on the fairy tale of Phil Mickelson.

Mickelson’s alleged baby mama was a black woman, who may or may not be African American. Mickelson allegedly avoids entering the state of Ohio to avoid fuss because his baby mama lives there. He allegedly pays her money to seal her lips. The illegitimate child may be a teenager by now. Another detail added spice to the tale of the illegitimate child. The baby mama may have been a stripper and may still be working as a stripper.

Phil Mickelson allegedly is broke or near broke. The rumors said he had a gambling habit.

Amy Mickelson and Michael Jordan have been linked together in an internet rumor. A crazy tale claimed Phil once walked in on MJ doing it with Amy.

There were unconfirmed stories that Mickelson’s junk will not be published but kept in the trunk. Connections, sponsorships and money talks have locked up the stories in the trunk. Anyway, all celebrities have enemies and competitors who may have invented stories to tarnish Mickelson.

Phil & Amy Mickelson family.

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