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Mar 262010

Pauly D, of Jersey Shore fame, has a new tattoo. Pauly D’s new ink is on his right elbow area and shows a star design.

Pauly D explained the star was a logo of his friend’s fashion clothing store. Pauly D is a big fan of the star logo clothing so he decided to wear his star on his elbow.

Pauly D elbow tattoo. While some people get lifetime discounts for endorsing a fashion brand or product via a permanent ink, Pauly D didn’t reveal if that was the case for him.

Pauly D is swimming in money right now. Its hard to imagine he would have gotten a tattoo on his right elbow, to receive life long discounts on his attire. It was more like his friendship for his designer friend, that influenced his decision.

April 18 2011 – Pauly D aka Paul DelVecchio, and his family have denied the story on his mother, Donna DiCarlo, being an alcoholic. Pauly D’s family has engaged a lawyer to contact the people involved in Vivifi.com in starting the story. Someone claimed DiCarlo spent her time drifting in and out of alcohol abuse, leaving the young Pauly to take care of himself. The alleged source said DiCarlo had undergone rehab treatment several times.

Pauly D rubbished the story on his mother being a substance abuser. The DiCarlo family and her relatives also did not back the story on her having attended rehab during the time when Pauly was growing up.

April 14 2011 – Pauly D is allegedly in discussions with 50 Cent’s record label, G-Unit. Pauly D may be offered a 3-album deal. Gossip said Curtis Jackson was interested to sign on Pauly D as he saw the huge potential in him.

April 2011 – Pauly D is bringing his elbow tattoos to season 4 of Jersey Shore with a huge pay rise. Pauly D will be paid $100,000 per episode, for flashing his elbow tattoo and other inks. Who knew Pauly’s elbow tattoo could net him so much money? He is getting paid additional money for appearances, endorsements, and any other products made off his name.

Pauly D has been given a spin off reality TV show. He will showcase his business of dee jaying, mixing sounds and other business projects. Pauly will start filming for his new DJ focused show later in 2011. The series is set to premiere in 2012. He will be wearing a mixture of business and casual attire so fans can get close looks at his tattoos.

Updated March 15 2011 – Pauly D has a lucrative contract as the resident DJ at the Palma Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Oct 30 2010 – Pauly D said he never spun records with his hair down but he would be, especially for Halloween 2010. DJ Pauly D has a gig at Moon nightclub, in Palms Casino Resort, in Las Vegas, during Sat – Sun, Oct 30 – 31.

What would Pauly D’s Halloween costume be? He is going to channel Justin Bieber. Which is why he’s letting his hair down for Halloween.

Updated Oct 5 2010 – Pauly D has been shooting scenes for his new reality TV show, tentatively called Pauly’s Entourage. The cast of Pauly’s Entourage includes his road manager Big Mike, Jerry, and Jason. Jerry is Pauly D’s personal bodyguard. Jason is Pauly D’s childhood pal.

If you’ve ever wondered about how Pauly D makes a living as a DJ, you’ve got to watch his show. Pauly D tapes as he travels around the country, performing his DJ gigs.

Pauly D, DJ Pauly D, is actually Paul DelVecchio. Pauly D is originally from Johnston, Rhode Island, outside Providence. Pauly D tried to develop a romantic relationship with Jenni Farley, aka JWoww, but they couldn’t make it work for the long term.

Pauly D back tattoo

Pauly D back tattoo

Pauly D left arm tattoos

Pauly D left arm tattoos

Pauly D left arm closeup tattoos

 Pauly D leftarm closeup tattoos

Pauly D right side tattoos

Pauly D right side tattoos

Pauly D gels his hair twice a day. The first is when he does his grooming in the morning. The second time he gels his hair and commands it to stand at attention, is when he wants to go out to town.

In 2010, Pauly D DelVecchio was nominated the hottest DJ in Hollywood, but he didn’t win.

Pauly D collects shoes more than tattoos. He has 350 pairs of shoes! To date, Pauly has spent around $30,000 on footwear. Most of Pauly’s shoes are sneakers and he has an affinity to Nike shoes. Sometimes, Pauly buys 4 pairs of Nike sneaks at one go. Pauly even travels out of Rhode Island or New Jersey, to look for sneakers.

July 1 2011 – DJ Pauly D is being sued for using another person’s name. Paul Lis claimed he was the first to trademark the name Paulie, namely DJ POaulie, 30 years ago. Paul Lis lives in South Windsor, Connecticut, and works as a music producer and wedding DJ. Mr Lis has an internet radio station at hgis website, DJPaulie.com. In 2009, after Paul DelVecchio Jr joined the cast of Jersey Shore, the namne Paulie got confuysed by Pauly D and slowly got overlapped by the DelVecchio’s success. Mr Lis claimed his business has been adversely affected and he had to set up a new domain, youshook.com. Mr Lis said he even received death threats after people confused him with Paul Delvecchio Jr.

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