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Jan 062010

Paula Sladewski, 26, a former Playboy model, was murdered. Paula Sladewski’s corpse was mutilated by burning. Sladewski’s body was discovered dumped inside a trash can. Paula Sladewski’s cause of death has not been released yet.

Police managed to identify Sladewski by using dental records. Sladewski’s body was mutilated beyond recognition.

Sladewski was found in Miami, Florida. Sladewski and her boyfriend visited Miami and she was last seen alive on Sunday.

Sladewski’s boyfriend is a person of interest. Sladewski’s friend reported her missing on Monday. He said they separated on Sunday after they had an argument in a club in Miami.

Kevin Klym, the boyfriend of Sladewski, claimed she left the night club with another man but video evidence showed she left alone.

Sladewski’s former boyfriend, David Coleman, said she used to send him text messages telling about her troubles and seeking his help. Coleman said Sladewski told him her boyfriend Kevin Klym was trying to kill her.

David Coleman said Paula Sladewski and Kevin Klym had plenty of drama in their relationship. Coleman, who dated Sladewski in the late 1990s, said they parted as friends and remained close friends.

Sladewski’s mother s married to Richard Watkins. Sladewski’s stepfather and mother live in Michigan. She had visited them in Michigan before going to Florida. Sladewski was assaulted by Klym when they were in Michigan and her nose was broken.

Paula Sladewski’s remains will be brought back to her family in Michigan.

Paula Sladewski background.
Sladewski acted in Playboy’s film called “Playboy: The Ultimate Playboy Search”. Sladewski lived in California and had relatives in Dearborn, Michigan.

Paula Sladewski

Paula Sladewski, RIP.

Paula Sladewski’s boyfriend, Kevin Klym, was ejected from the night club while Sladewski stayed behind. About 10 minutes later, Sladewski left the club, walked down the street, turned a corner, and disappeared from the view of the surveillance camera.

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