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Jan 082009

Paula Lloyd has died. Some versions of the news spelled her name as Loyd. Lloyd was talking to a local in Afghanistan, who was carrying a jug of fuel. She was suddenly doused with the flammable fuel and set on fire. Lloyd suffered burns to 60% of her body in the incident on Nov. 4.

Paula Lloyd was a social scientist working in the army. Lloyd talked to locals for her work. Her team mate immediately pushed her to a water source to douse the fire. Lloyd was treated in Afghanistan, then flown to Germany and then back to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. On Thur., Nov. 6, a report said Lloyd was stable but on Jan 8, a website reported Paula Loyd had died.

Lloyd’s attacker was shot dead. The Taliban took credit for the attack on their website.

Details on the Paula Lloyd attack.

Paula Lloyd‘s death.

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  1. I am writing a book on the Taliban, and I want to make sure I have my facts right. If I am mistaken about anything, pls get back to me at silinsky@yahoo.com Thanks, Mark

    Paula Loyd
    By all recorded accounts, she was a first-rate field-operating social scientist. She also worked as an Army grease monkey. A Texan, Paula Loyd was raised in affluence, attended the exclusive Choate Rosemary Hall, Wellesley College, and Georgetown University. Like her fellow soldier Ashley, Paula was athletic. In Boston, she often rose early to row on the Charles River alongside Harvard and Radcliff eights and fours and skulls. She was also an intellectual who read “Don Quixote” in Spanish and enjoyed herself with the Ivy set. Smart, blonde, and pretty, she was part of their social circle and pedigree.
    A patriot, she enlisted in the Army as a private and became a heavy-wheel-vehicle mechanic. After her service, she became part of the Human Terrain System, as an anthropologist. A gentle heart, in her spare time, she fed and cared for stray dogs. But while serving in Taliban-infested areas she forgot to put on her headscarf. A local man doused her with gasoline and lit her on fire. In turn, the assailant was shot by a man charged with protecting Paula. The Taliban would take credit for burning Ms. Lloyd to death.
    A senior officer who served with her wrote on her memorial website, “She had a passion for the people of Afghanistan, and it was all we could do to keep up with her. She died doing the work of bringing peace to a people she loved and respected.”
    In Texas, where she was born, she died from her burns resting next to those who loved and respected her. In her last days she asked that a foundation be established to provide for Afghan women who wanted to attend her alma mater, Wellesley. This young woman from affluence stipulated that the recipients be poor Hazara women, the lowest rung on the Afghan social ladder.

  2. Paula’s death is such a terrible waste of such a beautiful life. As my Uncle said at her funeral she is the first Loyd to die in a war since the Civil War. Her last name is Loyd, spelled with one L. I know because she is my first cousin. Her Father is my Mother’s brother. I was at the hospital waiting room with him the night she was born. When she was little she looked like a china doll – so beautiful. She will always be loved and beautiful to her family and missed more than words can ever express.

  3. Some versions spell Paula’s last name as “Loyd” because that’s how it’s spelled. May she rest in peace, she will be greatly missed.

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