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Oct 302009

Paul Teutul Jr married his girlfriend, Rachael, at Bonnet Island’s Bonnet Estate, in New Jersey. His father, Paul Teutul Sr was absent. A source said the father was invited to attend the wedding but he refused to be present.

There were around 135 guests at the marriage and wedding of Paul Teutul Jr. The couple blew $28,000 in floral decorations at their wedding. The new Mr and Mrs Teutul had a pink velvet cake that towered 6’tiers high. The custom made wedding cake had handmade sugar floral designs that matched the decorations.

The band played “Here Comes The Sun”. There was an arched trellis garden for the bride and groom to walk under.

Mr and Mrs Paul Teutul Jr

Mr and Mrs Paul Teutul Jr

Paul Teutul Jr and Rachael

Paul Teutul Jr and Rachael

June 15 2010 – Paul Teutul Jr’s motorbike shop had a death when a construction worker fell through the roof. The worker was on top of the bike shop in New York alone when he fell through.

Paul Teutul, who operates Paul Jr Designs, wasn’t around when the incident happened. His employee called police to report that a man fell through the roof. The death was discovered on June 15.

Updated April 15 2010 – Paul Teutul Jr has opened his own motorcycle shop to challenge his estranged father’s chopper business, Orange County Choppers. Teutul Jr hired his father’s unhappy workers who quit working at Orange County Choppers.

Teutul Jr has his younger brother, Mikey Teutul on his side, plus Vinnie DiMartino, Robert “Nub” Collard and Joe Puliafico. The father and son Teutul pair were not communicating with each other.

Updated Feb 10 2010 – Paul Teutul and his son Paulie Teutul have split so their show, American Chopper, is also gone. After 6 seasons, TLC’s American Chopper finally bikes off in separate directions.

Updated Dec 24 2009 – Paul M Teutul Jr is being sued by his father for stocks in his Orange County Choppers Holdings, Inc. Teutul Jr allegedly backed away from an earlier promise to sell his father stocks from his motorcycle company.

Teutul Jr has refused to sell his father his stocks in the motorcycle company.

Teutul Sr has filed a lawsuit in a court in NY. Teutul Sr wants to claim $1 million in damages, plus the stocks in Orange County Choppers Holdings, Inc.

The Teutul father and son used to be close, working together in The American Chopper TV show. Now that the show is over, the Chopper company is the money maker for Teutul Jr.

Oct 30 2009 – Paul Teutul Jr is a designer. Paul Jr’s girlfriend is Rachel and she is his assistant. Paul Jr and Rachel work out of his home, creating for JR Designs.

Paul Jr is moving from designing motor cycles and heavy machinery into other areas.

Paul Teutul Junior’s girlfriend used to model to promote the McCuff motorbike. In one episode of the reality TV show, Paul Junior’s girlfriend could be seen modeling with the McCuff bike.

Paul Teutul Jr photo.

Paul Teutul Jr

Paul Teutul Sr photo.

Paul Teutul Sr on the Patriot Chopper, with US troops in the background, in Jan 2008 photo.

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  1. paul way to go proud oy you now buikd me a bike you promised tim

  2. It’s unfortunate, but lots of men compete with their sons. It’s so pathetic. I respect Sr for being a hard worker and building up his business, but businesses have to change and Jr was the agent of change for OCC. They both deserve respect. Sr really needs to step back and quit cutting his son down though. He looks like shit for how he is acting.

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