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Mar 302009

Patti Davis is the daughter of Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis Reagan. Patti Davis was born on October 21, 1952. Davis is 56 now.

Patti Davis posed for Playboy in 1994. Her cleavage was covered by a man’s hands. The racial harmony was quite a picture as it spoke volumes. The pose was seductive.

Patty Davis used to date and live with Bernie Leadon, a band member of Eagles. It caused a stir as her father was the President of the US and back in the day, premarital cohabitation was an eyebrow raiser. Davis was a songwriter and actress.

Patti Davis posed naked for Playboy in July 1994. The link has the photo and biography. Patti Davis Playboy was quite a cover issue.

Patti Davis background.

Patti Davis Playboy cover, NSFW link.

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  One Response to “Patti Davis Playboy: Patti Davis Playboy July 1994”

  1. Patti Davis’s in-the-buff layout for Playboy Magazine is, I say, spot-on! As a lifelong Democrat who has never, EVER been a Reagan supporter or admirer, I submit that Patti looks absolutely SSSMOKIN’ in these photos. As a matter of fact, she has become one of my leading make-believe lovers, the other two being the Lorenzo Lamas ex Kathleen Kinmont and the daytime-soap-tease-turned-international-pop-crooner Teri Ann Linn. Patti, your glorious nudity makes the Grand Old
    Party genuinely grand!

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