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Apr 152009

Patrick Swayze died on Monday, September 14. Patrick Swayze’s cause of death was pancreatic cancer. Swayze was 57 when he died. Swayze fought the good fight right up to the end. He gave hope to other cancer sufferers with his optimistic attitude.

There were rumors that Swayze was at death’s door but the Swayze camp had always denied it. Condolences, sympathies and prayers to the family and fans of Patrick Swayze.

Patrick Swayze,
1952 – 2009,

Updated Aug 27 2009 –

Patrick Swayze’s wife and brother accompanied him on his hospital trips to receive treatment for his pancreatic cancer. Swayze was thought to have improved his health and appearance when he looked like he regained some of the lost weight.

However, on August 26, Swayze left hospital in a wheel chair. Swayze had a drip and catheter attached to his body. It looked like he would be confined to bed rest for a while until he recovers.

In early August, Swayze was hospitalized in Beverly Hills for intestinal bleeding. Swayze had turned 57 in mid August.

Patrick Swayze in a wheelchair – photo link.

Updated July 28 2009 –

Good news. Patrick Swayze has gained weight. Swayze has grown his hair back. That is a good sign. Swayze has a beard and moustache. His face does not look gaunt and withdrawn.

Report with new pictures at DM.

Posted April 15 2009

Patrick Swayze’s cancer update does not look good. Swayze looked different and a shadow from his former self. Swayze’s cancer has left him nearly bald. Swayze wore a cap over his head to hide the effects of cancer. The paparazzi observed Swayze had lost weight and walked with labor.

On a public outing in L.A., Swayze was seen accompanied by his brother, Don Swayze. Swayze was supposedly going to attend an appointment nearby. Photographers caught Swayze standing by the side of the road. Swayze was at one point, gripping on a pole for support.

Since the public revelation of his cancer, Swayze gave his first TV interview to Barbara Walters. Swayze was upbeat then. He said he wanted to last until they found a cure for cancer. Swayze revealed that he gave himself two years. Swayze has been working on his TV show, The Beast, even as he was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

Swayze worked without pain killers as he was afraid the drugs would affect his acting. The Beast’s ratings fell. Swayze’s ailing health was a factor that would determine if The Beast would have a second season.

Swayze and his wife, Lisa Niemi, 53, have been married for 33 years.

Patrick Swayze’s latest photos & Don Swayze.

Jan 29 2009 The National Enquirer (NE) claimed Patrick Swayze has stopped his medical treatment because his doctors told him there was little they could do to arrest his cancer. Swayze’s friend told the N.E. that Swayze’s cancer is inoperable. Swayze has stopped his chemotherapy. Weight loss was obviously happening for Swayze.

Patrick Swayze gossip.

Sep 5 2008. Patrick Swayze made his rare public appearance at America’s Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon on Friday night, Sept 5. Patrick Swayze expressed hope that a cure will be found for cancer. He is still battling pancreatic cancer and works on his filming in between treatments.

Swayze has stirred up concern for his health as he was seen smoking despite being a cancer patient. Story on Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon here.

Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi, Dec 13, 2006.

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  9 Responses to “Patrick Swayze dead: Patrick Swayze died of cancer (photos)”

  1. just watched dirty dancing may you rest in peace hope you having fun up there you will be missed i wish your family the best and your guys will meet agin RIP PATRICK SWAYZE

  2. why do you care for what he got for christmas

  3. I lost my mother to Pancreatic Cancer on Aug. 24, 2008. She was diagnosed Nov 2007 – I am happy to see some people allowing Patrick and his family some peace. This is the hardest thing to watch as your loved one battles each day to get up, battles to eat, battles not to throw up, not to wither away. My mother took her last breath in the hospital with my brother and I holding her hand. I miss her very much and unfortunately with this disease, my last memories of her are not the greatest. I am glad I have many pictures to share with my daughter. God bless

  4. Zane,

    You obviously have never lost a loved one to cancer. Pehaps, you will get the opportunity some day and mabye after that, you won’t be so callous.

  5. I really think the comment from Zane is uncalled for. I lost my husband of 18 years just this past April from cancer and unless you are there living with it every day, kindly keep your mouth shut!!!!

  6. Zane, get a life and a heart!

  7. What’s Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson getting for Christmas? Patrick Swayze!!

  8. Dear Patrick
    I’ve watched you for years. What a good actor and dancer you are – your Mother taught you well. She done a good job as a Mom. Patrick, your fight is going to be hard, but you fight like you’ve never fought before. Never give up. Look up to God and talk to him. He’s your best friend, your father, your Savior. Please, pray and keep him in your heart. Get Saved!! I’m praying that you will be healed. Love and God Bless you – Carol

  9. Dearest Patrick,
    My Mom had half her lung cut out in 1969 and lived until September 28th 2008! They cut out the cancer Mr. Patrick Swayze! She died last year weighing about 50 lbs and it was the hardest thing in my life to do was to put her ashes in the ground! Sir, Please listen to your doctors because this was 39 years ago when they saved my Moms life and I miss her ever day Sir! I love your work and would hate to hear that you passed because of being a shithead! Wake Up my Man and if you want proof, Call me! Philip @ (716)715-2321. My Mom is a Beautiful Woman Mr. Swayze & I see her in my dreams every fucking single day! I love you man as so many others! the surgery could bring to you another 20-30 years! Your wife would want you on this earth for her, for life, for love, for everyone who loves you sir! Hang tuff! We love YOU!
    Phil Walden

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