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Nov 162009

“Everything She Ever Wanted” is a book by Anne Rule (photo below). Rule’s book is about Patricia Allanson (picture below). Who is Patricia Allanson? Allanson was a spoiled daughter of a pair of doting parents. Allanson never learned to take responsibility for herself. Gina Gershon acted in the movie version of the book, Everything She Ever Wanted, video below.

Sadly, Allanson grew up thinking that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and would be able to live a life of rose beds, without the thorns. Allanson had everything she ever wanted.

Allanson got married while carrying on her life through rose tinted glasses. Allanson expected her husband to provide her with all her material needs and the extras in desires. Allanson was a woman who was high maintenance to her husband. Allanson married and left her first husband after three children and tiring of their life style.

Allanson soon hooked up with Tom Allanson, who was younger than herself by 6 years. Allanson was a cougar but she needed her sugar daddy to cushion her life with comforts. He gave Allanson everything she ever wanted.

Tom Allanson proposed to Patricia Allanson and they married in 1874. The new Mr and Mrs Allanson lived in a horse ranch in Xebulon where they raised horses. She had had everything she ever wanted.

Tom’s father, Walter Allanson, did not get along with Patricia. Pat filed complaints of sexual harassment against him as she claimed he exposed himself to her. Tom heard rumors that his father Walter was planning to kill him. Tom took out a restraining order against his father.

Ever since Tom married Patricia, Walter Allanson grew estranged from his son. Allanson Sr claimed Tom wanted him dead. When two firearms went missing from his home, Allanson Sr reported this to the police, who then searched Tom and Pat’s home but failed to find the stolen weapons.

Walter Allanson and his wife Carolyn Allanson suffered an assassination attempt. Walter suspected Tom ordered a mercenary to shoot at them.

On July 29, 1974, Walter and Carolyn Allanson ended up dead from gunshot wounds. Tom Allanson was arrested because he was in the area visiting his mother in the absence of his father. However, Allanson Sr surprised everyone by returning home. A confrontation with someone left the Allanson’s parents dead.

Patricia Allanson tried to help her husband by giving him an alibi but for whatever reasons, whether it was intentional or otherwise, her alibis all failed to stick. Tom was tried for murder and convicted. Mr Allanson had signed over everything he owned to his wife. Their home burned down and Pat collected the insurance on the home.

Pat Allanson persuaded Tom’s grandparents to make her their heir. When the elderly Allanson couple fell ill, it was discovered that theyw ere poisoned with arsenic. Pat Allanson was accused of poisoning the grandparents and found guilty. Mrs Allanson was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

When Pat Allanson was released from prison, she found another couple to cheat. Mr and Mrs James Crist were deceived to hire her as a nurse. Pat had no qualifications as a nurse. Mr Crist became ill and passed away.

Around this time, Tom Allanson was released from prison. He told investigators he suspected he was set up by his wife. Pat was arrested and charged with theft, attempted murder, cheating and related crimes. Pat agreed to plead guilty to the new charges only if she was not prosecuted for the murders of James Crist, Walter Allanson and Carolyn Allanson. Pat Allanson received 8 years for these charges.

Patricia Allanson was released from prison in 1999. Pat now lives with her step-dad and his wife.

Patricia Allanson photo.

Ann Rule photo/ Anne Rule picture.

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  5 Responses to “Patricia Allanson Everything She Ever Wanted by Anne Rule: Allanson Rule book”

  1. I’ve read the story about Pat Allenson , in Ann Rules book, every thing she
    ever wanted, I honestly feel that Pat really has been crazy from the start and
    Also quite the drama queen because she claims that she’s hears voices and her
    Current Husband thinks that she makes up stories.
    I honestly feel that Pat never had to do hard labour or even break a nail and
    I think that she’s never been a hard worker ever in her life.
    I believe that Pat was a real gold digger and used men for sex just to get what
    She really wanted money, power and every thing.
    I feel that Tom was caught in a trap set up by Pat and she really never loved
    Him because she really was after his Parents money and the Grand Parents
    Money, Pat truly is a evil woman and can never be trusted to this day because She’ll kill any man or his family members for only for their hard
    earned money and life Insurance policy which could be worth a fortune.
    Pat you really belong in a mental hospital.

  2. What comes around goes around, she’ll get hers one day, as old and ugly as she is. She is a poor, pitful wretch and was never loved or had the attention she wanted. She hates herself, misery loves company. And the parole board is even more clueless, gulable than the people around her.

  3. I read the book five years ago and the movie portrayed it very well. from the book i would visit the locations in east point ga where the allansons were murdered and the house pat lived with her parents. i will say that i always felt a chill as i attempted each time to drive up the driveway….very chilling!!

  4. that bitch is crazy and really needs help

  5. Omg i saw the movie and all i have to say is that lady is crazy. Those people didnt deserve to die that the killed/poisoned, they meant her no harm but i guess when people get real greedy when in need of money they stop at nothing to get what they want. Well from my point of view Tom is a good man but Pat is horrible, but i can say she isnt the worst person in the world !

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