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Jan 032009

June 24 2010 – Those who believed that General McChrystal was involved in the death of Pat Tillman, are speaking up again. Amir Bar-Lev, a film maker, claimed that Stanley McChrystal played an important role, much more than he admitted so in his interview with the Rolling Stone magazine.

Bar-Lev said he believed McChrystal omitted details in his reports about Pat Tillman’s death. McChrystal sent a memo to the then president, George W Bush, to warn him against making comments about Corporal Tillman’s death.

Bar-Lev said he invited Gen. McChrystal to make a guest appearance in the film, “The Tillman Story”, but he refused.

Jan 3 2009 – Pat Tillman: Pat Tillman’s controversial death (photos/video)

Pat Tillman was the first professional footballer to be killed in combat since 1970. Pat Tillman (November 6, 1976 – April 22, 2004) died in controversy because he was killed in friendly fire. Tillman left his sports career to enlist in the US Army Rangers in May 2002. Tillman had some anti-war views and his death is being investigated because of the rumors and suspicious circumstances surrounding it.

Rory Fanning, Tillman’s friend and fellow soldier, has pledged to walk around America, from coast to coast, in honor of his friend.

Pat Tillman’s death original news.

Pat Tillman’s death and alleged coverup in wiki.

“Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman” by Jon Krakauer – book review.

Keith Olbermann and the Murder of Pat Tillman 7/27/07 video link.

Pat Tillman Tribute video. This contains many photos from Pat Tillman’s life.

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  1. It’s the times and the people who are in control. Just like JFK, we…the odd people, with questions will NEVER know for then one might re-think this idea of Democracy/Republic. Have you ever seen the total costs in any war we’ve ever been involved in since 1898, the Spanish-American War? Oh, don’t forget to place a value on lives, like Pat’s !! RIP #42, we miss ya !

  2. I live in Phoenix, AZ. I use to work near ASU campus & I see the places where Mr. Tillman used to see. These types of people are rare. Ones who see their surroundings completely and are tied to it with an unseen bond. Honor is the return of the gratitude of what is felt for the priceless gifts of our surroundings. Standing steadfast despite of the corrupting influences. I thank his family for the work they did/do for what had been done to tarnish what Pat was doing.

  3. How can our children believe in wright over wrong when it’s clear as day Bush, Rumsfeld and others are the worst of crimanals mass murderers while becoming richer at the same time, and our congress cheering them on. It makes me physically ill to know our leaders are controled and driven by FEAR, GREED and LIES. They should all be prosecuted for Murder, before and after the fact, purgery, hindering all investigations. Our congress should be ashamed but that would take a contious, COWARDS EVERYONE ONE OF THEM!

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