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Jan 042009

Pam Oliver leakedPam Oliver is a hot sports reporter. Oliver was a good sports girl at school. She qualified for the US Olympic track and field team but she quit to study sports journalism. Oliver has worked for ESPN, Fox Sports NFL and NBA. She has faced the usual stereotypes while trying to cover sports in the locker rooms.

FOX’s Pam Oliver shares how she got into sports broadcasting – video link. Pam Oliver relays how tough it is to get some real information to report about.

Pam Oliver at the Capitol with Sen. Jones, aired Dec. 21 2008 – video link.

Pam Oliver booty call – video.

Many of Ms Oliver’s fans have defended her appearance, especially her hair style. She had invested a good deal of effort into taming her hair. However, the natural curls sometimes cause her hair to appear like it was having a bad hair day. Ms Oliver is a good reporter and we appreciate her journalism.

Sep 7 2014 – It is Pam Oliver’s turn to be interviewed. This sports reporter knows its a sad day when tables are turned on her. The interviewee said older reporters are losing out to the hot young journalists. Erin Andrews has been hired to replace Pam Oliver.

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