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Jan 152009

Paige Schmelzer once weighed 239 pounds on her frame of 5 foot 4. During 14 months, Schmelzer exercised daily and practiced a strict diet. Schmelzer lost 125 pounds. Schmelzer,31, of Camano Island, now weighs 114 pounds. Schmelzer went from size 22 to size 0. Schmelzer was featured in People magazine’s annual feature “Half Their Size.” People published Schmelzer’s story on Jan. 12.

Schmelzer put on weight when she bought and ate 2 meals like an adult’s and kid’s meal. Schmelzer had a stressful job. Schmelzer’s work days had long working hours and she did not eat proper meals. Schmelzer began to suffer sleep apnea and was threatened by diabetes.

Schmelzer decided to was time to change. She joined a gym class. When her weight loss reached a plateau at 150 pounds, Schmelzer joined a second exercise class, on aerobics. Schmelzer’s weight dropped. Schmelzer decided to share her story to inspire others.

Paige Schmelzer 22 to 0 photo.

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