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Feb 152011

Reginald Chevalier was Oprah Winfrey’s boyfriend, before she met Stedman Graham.

Reginald Chevalier said he met Oprah in 1985, when he was a guest on her show. Chevalier was a film maker from Haiti and was 25 at that time. Oprah, 32 back then, clicked with Chevalier and they ahd a 4 month relationship.

Chevalier said Oprah retained him after taping and bought him lunch at the Water Tower restaurant. Chevalier may have felt controlled as Oprah ordered the same dish, stuffed mashed potatoes, for the both of them.

Chevalier said he shared candlelit baths, TV, shopping, dining out, and watching the Chicago Bears games, with Oprah.

At the end of 4 months, Oprah suddenly broke off with him by locking him out of her new condominium. She didn’t say goodbye to him.

Chevalier said Oprah lavished gifts on her staff and friends. They spent time with celebrities like Michael Jordan, Danny Glover and etc.

Chevalier said Oprah brought him home to have dinner with her family. She allegedly wanted to get married to him, but Chevalier said he wasn’t ready to tie the knot.

Chevalier lived with Oprah from around Dec 1985 to April 1986, for about 4 months, before she locked him out, leaving his belongings in a box, for him. Oprah only left him a brief note, apologizing for the break.

Chevalier said Stedman Graham was seen with Oprah a few weeks later.

Oprah had other boyfriends. Kitty Kelly said Oprah dated John Tesh, radio DJ Tim Watts, and Randy Cook.

Reginald Chevalier talks about his work in Haiti (video):

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