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Aug 292010

A man, identified as A B, in AbuDhabi, UAE, tried to cash out two $1 million dollar bills. A B, from the Ivory Coast, Africa, tried persuading the female teller to cash into his scheme by promising her a 30% cut. A B wanted to break the $1 million bills for smaller notes in US dollars or UAE dirham.

After the forgery suspect was detained, he said he believed the $1 million bills were real. Nobody would give away 30% of $1 million to break a large bill if the money was their own hard earned cash.

What did the fake phony $1 million notes look like? It had George Washington on its front. What was worse was that the bill was black and white on its front face. A counterfeit printer too poor to afford colored ink!

The US Treasury does not print $1 million dollar bills. Fake bills are made and sold as novelty souvenirs for keepsakes. People who try to pass off fake money as real cash are likely to be arrested for forgery of money.

US dollar bills currently in circulation are in denominations of of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100.

Sample of a fake One million dollar bill: US $1 million

One million dollar bill: US $1 million

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