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Mar 052009

Updated April 22, 2009 – Tyrese Gibson and Norma Gibson are going through a divorce right now. The Gibson couple had a pre-nuptial agreement. Norma Gibson would not be entitled to anything since she was only married to Tyrese for 10 months.

If she were married to Gibson for a year, she would have been entitled to $50,000 per annum of her marriage. Norma Gibson has 60 days to leave Tyrese’s house or he is entitled to get a court order to ban her from his house.

Posted on March 5, 2009.

Norma Mitchell is the secret ex wife of Tyrese Gibson, the R & B singer. Norma Mitchell filed a lawsuit on Jan 29 2009. Norma Mitchell filed her papers in L.A.

Norma Mitchell wants changes in custody arrangements for their daughter Shayla Gibson, changes in child support, changes in spousal support and attorney fees. Norma Mitchell claimed Tyrese Gibson was not supportive.

Norma Mitchell and Tyrese Gibson had filed for divorce in Oct 2008. Mitchell and Gibson had only been married 10 months. Previously, Gibson had refused to answer questions on his wife or private life.

The court’s decision on the payments is here. A photo is pasted there.

The earlier news on Tyrese Gibson’s divorce is here. (inclusive of pic)

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