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Mar 062009

Nicole Mitchell Murphy (photos below) has a relationship with Michael Strahan and Demetrius Spencer. The pretty model Murphy is the ex wife of Eddie Murphy. Strahan is a former New York Giants football player. Spencer is an executive, of Universal Records A & R.

Murphy and Strahan have been dating since 2007. Murphy’s 5 kids from her marriage with Eddie Murphy like Strahan.

Eddie Murphy married Nicole Mitchell on March 18, 1993. Murphy and Mitchell separated in August 2005 and divorced on April 17 2006. They had 5 kids together. Nicole cited irreconcilable differences as grounds for divorce.

Things became complicated when Murphy met Spencer about 1 year ago and started dating him. Murphy and Spencer have been traveling away on business trips.

The New York Post has copies of email correspondence between Murphy and Spencer. Murphy wrote she would confess to Strahan. However, Murphy may be having second thoughts about it as she also wrote that her children were growing closer to Strahan.

Strahan had installed a tracking device in Murphy’s car. Murphy located it and he was mad at being outed. The saga continues …

Nicole Murphy caught between Michael Strahan & Demetrius Spencer – photo link.

Nicole Murphy caught between Michael Strahan & Demetrius Spencer – photo link. (NYP)

From L to R:  Michael Strahan, Nicole Murphy and Snoop Dogg 2008 photo.

From left to right: Myles Mitchell Murphy, Nicole Murphy, Michael Strahan and  unidentified girl.

Michael Strahan, Nicole Murphy and two of her children in 2009.

Updated August 1 2014 – Michael Strahan’s busy work schedule has left him no time for a long distance relationship with Nicole Murphy. Strahan had been dating Murphy since 2007. He proposed in 2009 and won Murphy’s hand in marriage. Strahan’s career in entertainment has soared, with work in the East Coast and West Coast.

Strahan is no stranger to marriage. He was twice married before he met Murphy. His first wife was Wanda Hutchins and his second was Jean Muggli. Nicole is the former Mrs Eddie Murphy.

Nicole Murphy split with Strahan after suspecting him of straying. But as fate would have it, media has exposed her behavior with Jim Jackson. Murphy was away on holiday at the Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton, when they spotted Murphy with Jim Jackson. They looked like a loving couple. Sources said Strahan and Murphy had a troubled relationship for the past two years. They had different schedules and seldom saw each other. People suspect Murphy or someone in her camp timed the announcement of the separation to come just before his entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Nicole Murphy announced her split from her fiancé just one day before his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on August 2 2014.

Updated Aug 7 2014 – Michael Strahan wasted no time sobbing split relationship with ex-fiancee Nicole Murphy. Mike was seen with a sexy new woman named as Latreal Mitchell. She was described as a trainer.

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  1. I never would have expected this kind of behavior from Nicole. I know Eddie kept her locked and knocked up, but you have four girls, and are setting a bad example for them. You should have told Michael about the relationship with the other man, and ended it with him. Liars and cheaters always get caught. Hopefully Michael can move on. The other guy will never give you respect and he will cheat on you just like you cheated on Michael. I don’t know what happened behind closed doors, but Michael is your best bet, (I mean was), because when you lose trust it’s over. Playing the field at age 40 and with five kids is insane.

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